Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2When: Monday, March 3, 2014

With Who: Just Me

Where: The House

How: Starz, recorded on my DVR

Synopsis: Technically, four grown ass men get together and compare how many times they can fart and not be funny.


For more information about this movie click here.

The torture that is this movie actually started for me a few days before I watched it. It began on the evening of February 27.

On this Thursday in the evening, right as it started to shower in Los Angeles, I started to not feel so good. My throat in particular was in significant pain. And quite frankly this was the worst day for me to get sick. February 28 is the single busiest day at work and I needed my energy to get through it.

I woke up on Friday not feeling any better. Actually I had gotten a little worse. But the show must go on. I get to work and go to CVS and load up on drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. And tea. I get through the day but I’m not feeling better. On Saturday I had to go out in the rain to take a promotional exam. I felt so bad during that test that to be honest I don’t even care if I passed or not.

By the time Sunday came I wondered what was wrong with me. I was no better and I was tired of feeling sick. So I visit Kaiser’s Urgent Care just to make sure things are not worse than I think.

So the doctor tests me for Strep Throat by taking a throat culture, which I really REALLY hate, and tells me that we should have the results in about 10 minutes. He doesn’t think it’s Strep, but better safe than sorry, which is exactly why I came in in the first place.

He has his nurse run it upstairs. About 2 minutes later his nurse comes in to the room and tells him the results were positive. The doctor is so surprised himself at how fast the results came back. He said “I thought it would take 10 minutes”. The nurse replies, “yeah but as soon as I put it in it spread quickly, it’s really bad”.

So now I have some level of “super Strep Throat”. The doctor gave me antibiotics and wanted to take me off for the week, though I thought that was unnecessary. So instead of 5 days I met him in the middle with 3.

So here I am off on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and feeling icky. On Monday morning I woke up feeling worse despite taking two doses of the antibiotics as directed on Sunday night. Oh and the doctor gave me 800 mg Motrin because the doctor’s at Kaiser give you 800 mg Motrin FOR EVERYTHING! Broken Leg? Take Motrin. One testicle is bigger than the other? Motrin. Breast implants are having a mind of their own? I know what will do the trick. Motrin.

So after taking four Motrin following my cup of tea, which seems to be the only thing that helps, I had to sit around the house. Can’t go to work. Can’t go anywhere. Let me just be sick.

So I go through my DVR looking for movies I haven’t seen and I come across this one. Why not? I’m not feeling well so laughter can cheer me up, right?

Unfortunately I’m still looking for my first laugh. I didn’t find this movie funny at all. Granted, the first one wasn’t hysterical to me either. Admittedly I’m not a big fan of toilet humor and I figured these guys were just too old to do the kind of humor that they do. So it still kind of caught me off guard. From the opening scene with the deer to the closing scene, I think I’d rather be sick than watch this movie.

My thoughts:

  • Can someone please, PLEASE explain to me why Adam Sandler is famous? Please. Anyone? People in my family were big fans of his in the 90’s and I didn’t get it then. This guy is not funny!
  • I really liked Kevin James on The King of Queens. On that show I thought he was hilarious. He was more naturally himself. Since then he’s gone on to do a ton of really stupid movies. Some were hits. Some were misses. But if I want to see him as funny I”ll just pop in my discs of KOQ. Oh, or Hitch. He was funny in that too.  (Dancing) “Use the Q-Tip, throw it away, I’m starting the fire, starting the fire, make the pizza.”
  • For some reason I keep wanting to call him Taylor Swift, but Taylor whoever from the Twilight Movies makes ridiculously over the top cameos through out the film. So sad when those roles aren’t coming in like they used to huh, kid?
  • Shaq is my boy and he seems like he was having a really good time making this movie. But even he started to get on my nerves after a while.
  • “Whhhhaaaaaaaaat”. Yeah, that was just dumb.

I could go on. But seriously it was about 100 minutes of my life I will never get back. The sad part is that someone out there, somebody for a fact thought this was the funniest movie of all time. Good for you. I’m too sick to argue. But for me, if I ever see this movie again it will be too soon. I just hope they don’t make a third.



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