The Croods

The CroodsWhen: Sunday, February 25, 2014

With Who: The most beautiful 7 year old in the world, my daughter

Where: The House. No that’s not a fancy name for a new theater. It’s literal.

How: Netflix Streaming 3D

Synopsis: A Cavemen family full of survivors and one overprotective leader unknowingly face the change of an era.

What’s The Croods? Check it out here.

Before talking about this movie let me start off by saying I didn’t know this, but if you have a 3DTV and a 3D Blu Ray Player connected, there are 3D options available on Netflix Streaming.

This doesn’t appear to be something too advertised. Or maybe I just missed it, I don’t know.

Perhaps the reason it’s not so widely advertised is because it really doesn’t work. Or at least it didn’t for me. My daughter and I sitting there in the living room with these glasses on and nothing is appearing in 3D on the screen. However every 5 – 10 seconds the screen would flicker.

I don’t know what that was all about but eventually we gave up and just watched the movie in High Definition.

I didn’t expect much from this movie as I just needed something my 7 year and I could both watch together while spending time. It’s funny how often when you have no expectations you tend to enjoy a movie more, or at least I do.

Quite frankly and quite surprisingly I really enjoyed The Croods. It was a much more entertaining film than I could have imagined. I laughed, I thought, I hoped, I even cri…, cri….ya know criiiime fought. Wait? What?

Okay I didn’t exactly cry but found one part particularly touching being the father to a little girl.

Anyway, enough of that, my thoughts:

  • I didn’t know Nicolas Cage was the voice of the father until the end. No real opinion about that, just a statement.
  • I actually would have loved to watch this film in 3D. I am only interested in watching movies in 3D that I think would visually enhance the film. There were a lot of visuals that would have been nice in 3D. I hope Netflix gets that act together.
  • The little monkey saying “da da daaaaaaaaaaaa” has been used in my life almost daily since I’ve seen this movie. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it. Almost. But not quite.
  • When looking up this film online I saw they are planning a sequel for 2017. Mixed feelings. On one hand they are taking their time on that one. That’s a big gap. On the other hand I hope it isn’t a matter of this film being successful so let’s milk this cow. While there are exceptions to the rule most sequels, especially that of an animated feature, are not nearly as good as the original. Da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. There I go again.

Definitely check this movie out if you have a chance. Great family movie even the kids can watch and I’m sure you’ll find yourself being as entertained as I was.

Da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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