When: Sunday, February 23, 2014

With Who: The Man In The Mirror

Where: La Casa

How: Netflix DVD

Synopsis: A man takes a drug that allows him to access 100% of his brain, but soon finds out there are multiple consequences.


This one flew under your radar and you’ve never heard of it? Check it out here.

My coworker Jeanette Santoni recommended this movie to me a couple of years ago, and ya know, I guess I’ve been busy.

I’m glad though. I’m glad I finally got to check it out. I enjoyed it, not necessarily because it was a great film, but a rather original concept. I look at how this product was offered to the star of the film and put myself in the same position. Better yet, would I take it even if I wasn’t down and out but was just”regular”, a lot like I feel now?

I’m pretty sure I would. This means the journey of that of star is in essence the journey of all of us. Most of us would probably take it. Is it greed? Unhappiness? Maybe curiosity? All of the above? Or maybe the opportunity to be something we’ve dreamed about since adolescence….the chance to be great!

Was the depth of the movie this deep? Not really. Was it entertaining? I thought so. If that drug ever really did hit the shelf would I take it? You bet your ass.

My thoughts:

  • Dude, when did Deniro get as old as dirt? I guess I’ll always see him from the Godfather, playing along side guys who looked much older than him. In his later movies he was always ‘older’. Now he’s just frickin’ old. I suppose that’s what happens over time. Possibly.
  • If you knew the negative side effects taking such a drug would cause in advance, would you still take such a drug?
  • Would you take such a drug period?
  • What other kinds of drugs would you like to see on the market? I’ll bet the concept for this film started following that little blue pill. Someone asked “what else would be cool to do?”.
  • I have trouble seeing Bradley Cooper as anything but that from the Hangover. As serious a role this was, it wouldn’t matter. Him, Zach Ghalgaosdalosndan, the chinese guy, and Bradley Cooper will always be The Hangover guys. Oh and Mike Tyson.

Overall it’s a pretty deep movie that doesn’t really go in to anything deep. It’s an action movie so to speak. Almost. Well, not really. But still it’s pretty interesting.

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