BlackfishWhen: Saturday, December 28, 2013

With Who: All By My Lonely

Where: La Casa

How: Netflix Streaming

Synposis: Documentary about Sea World, particularly following the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010.



Never heard of this Documentary? Click here for more info.

Documentaries are usually a hit or miss with me. They are either really good or really boring. I think that’s because they’re so subject specific that it’s really a matter of you liking or not liking the subject. There’s no script (or not much of one) and there are no actors and certainly no improv. Unless it’s a doc about comedies when was the last time you laughed while watching a documentary?

Blackfish is no different. It’s not funny but admittedly it is very good. From the very real footage of whale attacks on trainers to the true depiction of how the first whales were captured to start Sea Land (yes, I said Sea Land), I stayed interested for the entire nearly 90 minutes.

When the word got out about the Dawn Brancheau’s passing in 2010, people I knew were making random, sarcastic comments about being so surprised that a killer whale killed someone.

Stupid comment! We labeled Jeffrey Dahmer as a killler too, when he killed someone no one said “you mean a serial killer killed another innocent person….shocking”.

With that being said I don’t think the whales are completely to blame. And understand this is coming from someone who is not an animal lover. After seeing this film I now I have even less respect for the greedy, heartless bastards that are the currently (at least to me) nameless and faceless powers that be of the Sea World Corp.

There’s a slang expression we used when playing dominoes. “All money ain’t good money”.

The Sea World Execs need to play dominoes.

My thoughts:

  • Random piece of unrelated information. Last time I was at Sea World, roughly around 2009, I was so bored. I had no idea why I was so interested as a kid. I took my daughter for her first time at that time. Um, she has not asked to go back.
  • As I watched the process of the whales being captured, if I remember correctly out of West Virginia, back in 1977, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between another event that happened hundreds of years prior. The capture of slaves. My heart sank. While I don’t feel heart ache for animals I felt sorry for them being separated from their families, taken across the whatever, and being made to do meaningless labor to fatten the pockets of the heads of the plantation. The only difference is that the overseers (the trainers) were not racist (or whalest?) or evil. They represented how it would be if the overseers hundreds of years ago loved Africans.
  • The documentary consisted of interviewing roughly 8 – 10 former Sea World Trainers who mostly do not paint a flattering picture of the park and the powers that be. The park seemed to go out of its way to cover up trainer incidences with the whales and even going as far as blaming the trainers who have been injured or lost their lives. I want to be rich. But I would never want to be so at the expense of my employees lives or livelihood. The minute someone was injured or died I’m changing the show. Remember Siegfried and Roy in Vegas? Probably thousands of shows. One Tiger disaster. It was a wrap.
  • When you view the specifics about this movie online one of the stars is listed as Talikum. That’s the main whale at Sea World. LOL. Who’s his agent? Did he get his share of the royalties? Will this starring role bring in endorsements? A Tilikum Sneaker deal perhaps? Size 234?
  • Come to find out that this MF, Tilikum, is a SUPER PIMP! This playa has bred almost 60% of the whales that have come through Sea World in Orlando and San Diego. At one point in the film on a close up of Tilikum, I could have sworn I heard him say “them b****es betta have my money” in whale.
  • Two interesting yet another useless tidbits of information about the doc. Of the roughly 8 – 10 former trainers who were interviewed for this film, two of them cried during the movie. 1) Neither of them cried about Dawn, who passed away, and 2) neither of them were females. This movie was one more cry away from being a chick flick.

I recommend this documentary even if you could care less about Sea World, whales, or people. It was a fascinating film that’s sure to grab you and I’ll bet that by the end of the film you will have formed an opinion about something. It’s worth the watch.

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