This Movie Blog Rises 2014

You get it? It was a play on the Dark Knight Tri….oh never mind.

I’ve been away too long. I’ve missed it. My job paid me a small bonus and took everything out of me. Well I’m not on that particular position anymore. Time to get back to me and what I like.

So this post is to announce the return of my movie blog. No challenge this time to watch a certain number of films. Just me sharing my thoughts. Remember I don’t do movie reviews. Too many of those on the internet. My thoughts are the more practical aspects of movie watching circa 2014.

So put on your seat belt. The one with the million opinions and observations is back at what he does best. Sharing his opinions.

You don’t wanna miss this!

Here are some links to some of my favorite posts the first time around:

The Dark Knight Rises: Follow Up Questions

Looper: Two blogs in one. The experience and the movie

Sitting through the Oogiveloves for my daughter’s bday


The Avengers

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