The Dark Knight Rises Revisited: Follow Up Questions

One thing inevitable following a summer blockbuster movie is, once it’s released on dvd, movie buffs like me will watch it to death.

This is especially true if the film left an impression on you when you saw it in the theater. I remember when my favorite movie Inception was released on dvd. In an era where dvd’s will almost always come with a digital copy for your phone and/or tablet, I literally watched it everyday for the first two weeks. It was so complex that every time I watched it again I saw something I hadn’t seen before.

That’s the beauty of movies. Good movies at least. So once The Dark Knight Rises hit the shelves, I got my copy and have watched it several times since.

Previously, when I saw it in the theater, I said that Rises was better than Dark Knight. I revise that stance. The Dark Knight was better than Rises, although I still contend that Batman Begins was better than both of them.

Anyway, here are follow up questions, comments, and observations I have from watching this movie a few times:

  • Why was it said that the Dent Act was based on a lie, when everything Harvey Dent stood for before he turned in to Two Face was truly about catching criminals? The act wasn’t called the Two Face Act, it was called the Dent Act.
  • At the beginning of the film, right after Selina Kyle steals the pearls from the safe, why did Alfred ask Bruce “why were you dusting for fingerprints sir?”? Um, isn’t that a dumb question to ask after you’ve just been robbed?
  • I’ve watched and listened intently several times to Blake’s speech to Bruce about how he knew he was Batman and I still don’t get how he knew he was Batman. The speech gave no definitive answer.
  • Speaking of which, Blake got in the house after Alfred told him Bruce doesn’t take unscheduled guests by asking, “If I get a warrant investigating the death of Harvey Dent, does that still count as unscheduled?”. Uh, yeah! Get the warrant! Batman did nothing wrong and it had been eight years. He should never have been able to get in the house on a hypothetical.
  • Shouldn’t Alfred had already been at the restaurant in Venice since he quit months ago? He just happen to be there when Bruce was there months later after the whole fiasco?
  • Is it just me or did “Catwoman” (who was never called Catwoman in the movie) seem to be more like Batgirl in the second half of the movie? Catwoman was supposed to be a nemesis of Batman. Or am I missing something?
  • I only counted about four Batman sightings in a movie that was nearly three hours, including his first appearance not coming until around the 45 minute mark. I guess that could be argued as the point, that Batman/Bruce was going through some things. But in a movie advertised as a Batman movie, it was kinda disappointing.
  • One of the questions that came about frequently on the internet around the release of the movie was how did Bruce get back to Gotham so fast after escaping the prison. But I don’t think that’s a problem. In the scene before he escapes, Fox states that the bomb will go off in 23 days. Then Bruce escapes the prison. Then a couple of scenes later, they state the bomb will go off in 11 hours. There’s a maximum of three weeks between escaping prison and returning to Gotham.
  • Another frequent question online was how did he have time/the means to create that Batman logo on the side of the building using gas. This one is a better question. I have no idea. The only thing I can think of he used the Batpod. But even then, he just happened to have disposable gas handy to spray in a pattern?
  • Why is it when Blake got that cop out of the tunnel (presumably his partner), Bane’s men shot the cop but then walked up to Blake and asked him “who are you”? Then one of them pushes him down a pile of debris which is when Batman shows up in the nick of time. Why shoot the other cop but not Blake? That was too obvious. The argument can’t be that you can’t kill a main character. Remember Rachel? Blake served little purpose, particularly toward the end of the movie, besides the whole middle name irony (Robin). Think about it. How much did he actually accomplish in the movie? He was always a step behind everything.
  • While Batman Begins was the best of the trilogy, Bane was clearly the best villain, both my humble opinions. Bane had the entire City on lock down for months. I get the reason for Batman’s one rule of not using guns, but at what point do you figure facing your death is better than changing your morals? Even at that, technically Batman did nothing to end the madness. If it weren’t for Catwoman/Batgirl, he’d be dead. After all that work to get out of the prison, he would have died anyway because he refused to blast the monster to pieces. He also wasn’t involved when Miranda Tate was killed.

Still, I don’t think the movie was horrible. There were just too many questions so it got moved to rank #3 of the trilogy.

We will still miss this interpretation of the Caped Crusader, all of which blew every film of the previous four Batman films. If Christopher Nolan changed his mind and came out with The Dark Knight Rises One Mo Time, we’d all be there with bells on opening night.

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3 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises Revisited: Follow Up Questions

  1. excelsior07 says:

    From a writing POV there is one tremendous issue with this film, Batman NEVER defeated Bane – Catwoman did. This was the worst of the three flicks.Too long, never went anyplace and Catwoman and Blake, playing scattered versions of Batgirl and Robin did not help.

  2. excelsior07 says:

    Why would they have a Harvey Dent act at all, all of those people on both of those boats knew Dent was Two Face as did the people in the hospital and a grip of others – so Harvey Dent going to the Dark Side was a fact …

    • shadrock2k says:

      The people on the boat and in the hospital knew about two face? I didn’t get that. Particularly the hospital. They knew his face was disfigured but I think the evil came about from what the Joker did to him in the hospital. I never got the impression anyone besides the corrupt cops who turned over Rachel knew about his evil side

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