#52 – The Amazing Spider Man

When: Sunday, Nov 15, 2012

With Who: Just Me

Where: At The House

How: Rebox Blu Ray

Why: Why not?



Check more info about this movie here

Let me start out by talking about the obvious. The original film series. I didn’t want to watch it. Had no interest in it and never planned on seeing it.

But I became curious after it made a couple quadrillion dollars in its opening weekend; so I checked it out. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Toby Maguire was a real weasel, which I guess ironically made him perfect for a bullied kid who suddenly gains special powers. I still think Kirsten Dunst is a very unattractive woman. Sorry, but I do.

None of this mattered to me though. I had a blast watching it. The scenes where he would fly through the city made me feel like I was there with him, kinda like being on a roller coaster. And then as an added bonus the guy who ran the newspaper cracked me up.

I also liked Spider-Man 2. Much like most other people I was not a fan of Spider-Man 3.

Still not being a fan of the character/story, I didn’t really care about the new relaunch. Browsing through Redbox I came to remember the story I just told you and decided that I’d give it a try. Could lightning strike twice? Could I be pleasantly surprised once again?

Uh, no.

It lacked anything that I liked about the first series. I suppose it was trying to be a darker telling of the tale, much like the last Batman series. First of all, I don’t understand why all these “retelling of stories” keeps being told different than the original. If it’s based on a comic why does it keep changing? In the first series, Uncle Ben died in much the same way as this one but where was Mary Jane in this series? Who is Gwen Stacy? See, some of us don’t read comics.

Anyway, unlike the new Batman series this “darker” version turned out to be a lot less entertaining. Yes I noticed that Spidey was more talkative than the last series but it was still boring and not as much fun.

More thoughts:

  • This one desperately needed to a character who stole the show. It missed.
  • It was hard to “feel” what happened to Uncle Ben (for those of us unfamiliar with the comic books) knowing what already happened from the first series. Was there no other side story to start this series with? Were the filmmakers aware of the previous series? Yes I realized this defined much of why Spidey became Spidey, but I’m sure there were more things they could have used to spark his beginning.
  • Did anyone find that scene when he was getting beat up on the playground odd? Not that he was getting beat up but the way it ended. Enter Gwen Stacy again to come in matter of factly to half-heartedly stop it. From what I gather she was a tutor of the bully. But I couldn’t gather why the bully would listen to her weak attempt to stop it. They weren’t dating. They weren’t related. She was a tutor for crying out loud.
  • I swear the whole cast of the movie found out about his identity. Just what’s the point of being behind a mask if you’re going to reveal it to the world?
  • Of course they are probably working on the sequel right now. Maybe it will have time to get better.

If you like the original flick series you probably won’t like this one. Or wait, maybe you will since everyone has a different opinion. I didn’t. Awww, just watch it and decide for yourself!!

8 to go…..

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