#51 – The Cabin In The Woods


When: Saturday, November 10, 2012

With Who: One is the loneliest number in the world

Where: At Home

How: Amazon Digital Rental

Why: Looked really good



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Boy, oh boy. The magic of movie trailers.

They’re like virtual salesmen. They lie to your face and will tell you just enough to get you interested in purchasing what they’re selling, then after you buy it and don’t like it, they’re no where to be found.

Yep, in short I hated this movie. It had the potential to be good or to be just another regular horror flick. Either would have been better than what we got.

This film can be best described as Hunger Games meets Nightmare On Elm Street (sans bad dreams) with a little Minority Report sprinkled in.

Not only was it a really stupid concept, but the execution of it was dismal. Almost insulting. Because of the stupid side concept that you would have to see to believe, they always felt a need to let us know exactly what was about to happen. How could it be allowed to be scary?

I just went to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights on Halloween Night. Imagine walking through a maze and there being a person before you hit every corner with headphones on telling you what’s around the corner. Congrats, you’ve just read the concept of The Cabin In The Woods.

(sigh) My Thoughts:

  • As if the movie concept itself wasn’t bad enough, the last 15 mins of this movie was unbelievable. And no that’s not in a good way! Perhaps the worst ending of a movie I’ve ever seen.
  • Here was the dude from Thor again. Never heard of him before Avengers and now he’s in a whole bunch of stuff. I don’t think he should be proud of this one though.
  • The dude that was always high was funny. Not funny enough to save the movie particularly in the end, but still funny nonetheless.
  • Is Sigourney Weaver really that pressed for film roles? I guess Aliens was a million years ago.
  • Damn this movie sucked!

Soooooo, obviously I wouldn’t recommend this movie. Of course – as is pretty much always the case with artistic things – there is probably a few people that absolutely loved this movie so I never say not to watch anything. I personally, have to spend the next week scrubbing the remnants of this crap off my tv.

9 to go…..

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