#49 – Thor / #50 – Hulk








When: Sunday, November 4, 2012

With Who: And then there was one

Where: At The House, while doing chores in the evening

How: Amazon Prime (Thor), Amazon Digital Rental (Hulk)

Why: The Avengers

If you want more info on either movie, click on it’s picture above.

I don’t know if I should be ashamed to admit this, but I’ve seen The Avengers a couple of dozen times since I purchased it digitally on Amazon. That’s because I also have it saved on the hard drive of my Kindle Fire and can watch it anywhere, even when not at home.

I don’t know if I should be even more ashamed to admit this, but other than the two Iron Man movies, I had never seen any of the other Avengers films.  That’s because prior to them all coming together for a really fun film, I didn’t really have them on the radar.

Thanks again to Amazon Prime (wait, am I doing a shameless plug here?), I could watch Thor for free. Why not? It doesn’t cost anything. Captain America is also on there but I haven’t got to it yet.

So I started with Thor. Actually I revisited Iron Man 2 again, also free on Amazon Prime (smh). But this blog is about new movies only.

I was hesitant to watch Thor. I had considered it before but thought I would find it annoying. Based on things said in The Avengers, I knew Thor and his brother Loki (of course, the main villain in Avengers) were both in the movie, and I thought those overly done accents would annoy the absolute hell out of me.

I will admit though, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t at all the type of movie I thought it would be. It even managed to throw in some surprisingly cool battle scenes taking place on another planet.

Hulk (or as my daughter calls him “Hulk Smash”) wasn’t as entertaining as he was in The Avengers. I think it was partly because I found the story weak for starters, then I found a hulk vs a hulk to be a little blah. In Avengers he was the only hulk so it stood out more. Still, I won’t say it was a bad movie. I liked it. But it wasn’t a good and surprising as Thor turned out to be.

My thoughts:

  • I had never heard of that guy that played Thor until Avengers. Now it seems he’s popping up all over the place, including a new movie called Red Dawn. What I find odd is how young he looks when his hair is short. I don’t know why I thought in Avengers he was like 45 years old. Next movie I saw him in (released last year) he was playing a high school student. Awkwaaaaard.
  • The guy who played the villain in Wild Wild West is a director and he directed Thor. I guess he figured he couldn’t make anything as bed as Wild Wild West so why not jump into another career move.
  • Loki was a lot less annoying and more “americanized” in Thor. Not sure why he became all snotty in the Avengers.
  • Didn’t really by Edward Norton as the Hulk nor did I buy him as Bruce Banner. Mark Ruffalo was more believable as a scientist, although admittedly since I saw him first I might be more partial.
  • Actually I lied. I started Captain America and got interrupted. But I did watch about 10 – 15 mins of it and was bored to tears! I hesitate to return to it although I like to complete what I start. Please tell me it got better.

As stated, Thor was my clear cut favorite of the two. But Hulk wasn’t horrible. If you have access to Prime and you haven’t seen Thor check it out. You won’t be disappointed. As far as hulk, if you haven’t watched that yet I recommend you just watch Avengers.

10 to go…..


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  1. excelsior07 says:

    Diggin these reviews – keep em coming.

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