#48 – Taken 2

When: Monday, October 8, 2012

With Who: A Special Friend

Where: AMC, Torrance CA

How: Awesome Passes

Why: Because Liam Neeson is a (good) badass actor. Oh and the first one was good.


To get the 411 on this flick, click on the colorful link

Seriously, how good is Liam Neeson? Few people were born to do something. Michael Jordan was born to play basketball. Michael Jackson was born to perform. Prince was born to be a musician (mainly because it’s the only profession that lets him wear pants with no ass). Liam Neeson was born to be an actor.

The funny thing about it is that he doesn’t offer anything unique in his performances. Normally I’m a critic of this. But in his case he’s so captivating with what he does and he’s so good at it that it’s forgiven.

Taken 2 was good. But there wasn’t much different than the first one. Yet it’s not only successful, but it grossed double the original on their opening weekends. Critics didn’t like it but us, the consumers, give it a pass because, well, it’s Liam Neeson.

Anyway, my thoughts:

  • Anytime I watch a Neeson movie, I always want to throw on Batman Begins. I loved the movie (Yes, I think it was better than The Dark Knight) but I think he stole the show in all his scenes. Ok this is bordering on a man crush and I don’t do that. So let me chill. Ewwww!
  • Best line of the movie: Neeson to his daughter, who is reluctant to drive (in the beginning of the film she’s taking driving lessons from her father)….Him: Do you know how to shoot? Her: No. Him: Then drive
  • How clever was the concept behind him having his daughter set off bombs to notify him of his own location?
  • Um, how come no one made a fuss about bombs being set off in the city?
  • The wife (ex-wife) in the movie had a crappy deal. She spent the whole movie beaten, passed out, and out of it. Hope she got paid well. She got to sleep through the movie.
  • It was so laughable that Neeson would call his daughter and give the same speech he gave in the first one when he knew what happened. “Darling, your mother and I will be taken….”. But the funniest part to me is that the “bad guys” just stood there and let him make his call. Where they do that at?
  • Was the head “bad guy” really hiding in that final scene? LOL. Yeah, you’re tough dude.

Will Taken 2 be the best movie you’ve ever seen? Doubt it. Wait, actually No it won’t. But is it an entertaining piece of imperfect film-making? Absolutely. If you’ve seen the first one, it’s mandatory you see the second one. You won’t feel right unless you do.

12 to go….


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