#44 – The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure

When: Thursday, Sept 6, 2012

With Who: Daughter and her mother

How: Regal Cinema Passes, bought with a discount (though not big enough) through my new job location

Where: Regal Cinema, LA Live

Why: I don’t know. Glutton for punishment I guess


Oh, I know most of you haven’t heard of this movie. Check it out here

Ok, I’ll keep this one quick. Here’s the scenario; It’s the 6th of Sept, it’s our baby’s sixth bday and I ask her what she wants to see at the movies on her special day. The choices were Paranorman, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, and this one. She picked this one.

First of all, we walk in the theater and we are the ONLY three people in the entire theater. I mean literally. There was no one else at all. I can’t think of another time when that was ever the case.

Then about six minutes in to the movie, I could see where this was headed. Paranorman started 10 minutes after this movie. So once the first scene was over I asked if she wanted to go to see Paranorman instead or stick with this movie.

She didn’t want to put her mother and I out of our misery. Her response?: “I wanna stick with this movie”


My thoughts:

  • I have none. If I never see this movie again I will be OK!!

16 to go….


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