#43 – The Hunger Games

When: Saturday, Sept 1, 2012

With Who: Just Me

Where: The House

How: Redbox (you rent enough from them they send you discount codes every weekend to get you back. thank you Redbox)

Why: Surprised to hear about how good it is


You know what to do and you know where to click it

What can we tell from a movie trailer?

It’s actually an amazing sense of irony. On one hand we can’t tell anything about how good a movie will be, not be, characters we’ll love, characters we’ll hate, or if the film will cause us to regret wasting that two hours of our lives we’ll never get back.

Yet on the other hand, the trailer most is most often all we have to go by to determine if we’ll even see a film or not.

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie at the beginning of the year too often to lose count. It didn’t move his highness (me) then and when I watched it again not too long ago, it still did very little to make me want to see it.

I missed some things. First of all, I thought this story took place in the 1700’s or something (it’s actually futuristic). I had no idea Woody Harrelson was in it (not that this is a selling point for me. Just pointing out things I missed). Nor did I know Donald Sutherland was in it. And I didn’t know this film was based on a book.

After the movie came and went I heard a lot of favorable things about it. I didn’t expect to, but then again all I saw was a trailer. A trailer I half paid attention to as being uninterested.

Yet for $0.76 with a discount code at Redbox I’m willing to try almost anything. And you know what? His highness was pleasantly surprised. Although I won’t say it was the most gripping film ever, I will say it was wildly original, a bit scandalous at times, and very entertaining. Sure it was partially predictable (as are most movies today). But it was still bold in its delivery and it’s concept.

My thoughts, a la mode:

  • What the hell kinda name is Katniss Everdeen? Then again, what the hell kinda name is Spiritt Garrett?
  • Was that ceremony when they first got to the city (and was on “fire”) intentionally made to resemble the opening ceremony of the Olympics? If so, they succeeded.
  • Once they got to said city, was I the only one expecting an Ooompa Loompa to show its face at some point?
  • No one in the film noticed that dudes were wearing blue hair? Particularly the competitors who, best I can tell, all came from rural 1700’s looking backgrounds?
  • If you liked this movie, you should check out a movie from the 90’s called Surviving The Game, starring Ice T, Charles S Dutton, and that crazy ass Gary Busey, who seems to always be playing someone crazy. Perhaps because it seems to require little acting on his part.
  • With my liking this film and surprisingly liking I Am Number Four, I’m becoming very concerned in my old 33 year age about about my liking anything that is an MTV Movie Awards favorite. Fortunately, I’ve never seen any of the Twilight Movies.
  • Dude! I think this guy from Hunger Games…..
  • …..may be looking for his long lost father, who was in Wild Wild West
  • You’re welcome

Overall, to my surprise, I liked the movie. Will I have to own it or watch it a dozen more times? Probably not. But I don’t regret the two hours I spent watching it this weekend.

17 to go……

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4 Responses to #43 – The Hunger Games

  1. Jia says:

    Haha nice summing up of the movie from your viewpoint..I loved this movie. 🙂 Btw Thanx for linking my blog

  2. shadrock2k says:

    Hey, I’m here for you. But seriously, with those funny shaped beards aren’t those two guys long lost father and son? Who says a blog about movies can’t be educational 😉

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