#42 – The Raid: Redemption

When: Saturday, Aug 25, 2012

With Who: All Aloooooone

Where: Home

How: Red Box

Why: Billed as the return of/best of martial arts films



Check out the details about this probably little known movie here

What does it mean if you watch a movie and see someone get knifed up in their knee so you start feeling pain in your knee?

It means that you’re an idiot.

I’m one. Because there were plenty of times during this movie when I find myself going ‘daaaamn’.

I read Roger Eberts review on this film where he seemed sort of defeated. He then fumbled through some customary phrases like plot, character development, sense, care, concern, etc.

These are required by a film critic, mainly because they’re required by themselves to take themselves too seriously. If every movie made sense we’d live in a perfect world.

An action film has no plot? What? Alert the media. This is a travesty.

Ebert seemed defeated because the film (based on user reviews) has received some incredibly high marks. In a world of film critics who praise boring films such as Like Water for Chocolate as best movies of the year, the dumb action of films like these get looked past.

The Raid: Redemption will never be nominated for an Oscar. It will never be viewed as the greatest movie of….well….anything. It’s not perfect.

But I will never understand why professional critics (that’s almost laughable) can’t seem to just sit back, put their feet up and just watch a movie equipped with senseless violence, incredible fight scenes, and lots and lots of blood.

We can.

My thoughts:

  • I can’t even pronounce his name but the lead dude is a bad ass. I think he would have whooped Jet Li and Jackie Chan’s asses
  • On the 0ther hand, you ever notice no matter how much of a bad ass someone is, the final fight is always pretty much even? Despite the fact that the opponent SOMETIMES has no equal martial arts skills.
  • It’s hard reading subtitles in an asian action movie. Not because I can’t read. Not because it interferes with the flow of the film. But honestly because it’s hard to tell the difference in some characters. Especially when, as is the case in this one, some are police and are wearing police gear
  • What form of martial arts is used in this film? It seems different
  • This is deemed as the return of martial arts films and is deemed as one of the best films to use knives/swords ever. I don’t disagree
  • Of course that means there’s always that scene where someone could shoot someone and end it as they would with anyone else. But no, they decide to put the guns down and….well,  you should already know

I had a blast on this film. It was truly a dude film. It was predictable (anytime the main character has a pregnant wife, COME ON, you know what’s going to happen; see Training Day), made no sense, pointless, stupid….and some of the most fun you’ll ever have watching a movie. Only if blood doesn’t bother you.

18 to go……



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