#40 – Project X

When: Saturday, August 11, 2012

With Who: Me and the furniture

Where: Home

How: Redbox DVD

Why: Looked like fun



You know what to do here

This was a really good idea. As the movie moved along I wondered to myself how come no one had done this before.

And maybe they have. But I can’t recall any movie where the premise was simply to throw a party.

Think about it. A movie is a perfect place for that. It’s happened in tv shows. But they’re censored. How much craziness can go on when you’re limited to what you can show and limited in time?

There aren’t many rules for a movie. It’s perfect. And for that purpose, so is this movie. It succeeds in creating the wildest party you’ve ever seen because the party is a movie set and we already know that you can do anything in movies, even when it makes no sense. And that’s exactly what we love about them.

My thoughts:

  • I’m not a party goer and I’m quite a few years out of high school. But I would have loved to be at this party
  • I would not have wanted to throw this party. Let’s just be this slight spoiler out there: Charges are brought up on kids. It’s that rowdy
  • I’ll bet we’re going to be bombarded with a barrage of sequels. They’re going to college next so you can imagine. Project XI?
  • How come parties I went to in high school didn’t have naked girls? I feel like my whole childhood means nothing now

Look, this isn’t a tear jerker. It’s not a deep look into the meaning of life. It’s not the best film ever made, best film of the year, or best film of the week it opened. But it’s a very entertaining ‘What If’. No more, no less. I watched it at like 8 in the morning. Perfect start to my day. Followed by a cold shower.

20 to go….

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