#35 – Happy Feet Two (Thought I posted this but guess I didn’t)

When: Friday, July 27, 2012

With Who: My baby

Where: At the house

How: Redbox

Why: Spending some daddy/daughter time with my little one

Need more info? You know what to do

You know, every once in a while a movie can really surprise you. Most times, any parent searching for a movie to watch with your kids knows that generally you’re going to be tortured by watching something that you normally wouldn’t watch. The object is to find a movie that’s tolerable to you and entertaining for them.

For mine, I also have another challenge. To find one that’s not scary. Shouldn’t really be that difficult except my daughter is afraid of her own shadow. She also will define an entire movie by a scary part; even if that part only last for one or two minutes in the movie.

With all this in mind, I came across this one on my iphone screen while surfing Redbox inventory at the closest machine to my job.

She saw the first one and while she wasn’t exactly ranting and raving about it, she didn’t hate it either. She loves music so I thought she would like the first one more. I mean, come on, singing and dancing Penguins for crying out loud.

Penguins aren’t scary and this one, no doubt, would have more singing and dancing was what I assumed. She’s watching it. She agrees.

I pop it in just ready to spend time with her and unwind after a trying Friday at work. I don’t expect much and in fact I had my night cap on the table stand next to the couch I was sitting on.

The following 90+ minutes surprised me more than I can explain. In all honesty, this is a surprisingly good movie. I mean really. Not in a sense of ‘there’s nothing better to do with my time’ kinda good. But in the ‘wow I didn’t think I’d be alert and paying attention through the whole movie’ kinda good.

Of course, my daughter was highly uninterested. But that’s because she’s in a phase now where if it’s not Barbie or something to do with princesses, it’s beneath her majesty. There’s even a couple Barbie Princess movies that exists that she loves. Since she is only interested in what she’s interested in right now, most other things will not keep her attention.

I knew that going in. Thought we were both gonna fumble through it and go on about the rest of our weekend.

But it turned out to be much more. I actually found myself laughing out loud several times. That wasn’t it though. The story was actually very captivating and well-written.

My thoughts:

  • I don’t care what anyone says, Robin Williams is hilarious in voice over animated work. He’s the reason why Aladdin was one of my favorite animated movies growing up (still love it) and he plays two roles in this one, although only one of them is supposed to be funny.  Yet I’ve never been a big fan of his standup. Go figure
  • I really like Pink’s voice as a singer. It’s powerful and she’s very talented. Even more noticeable when you can’t see her, you can only hear her voice. On that note, it was funny to see such a powerful talent coming out of an awkward looking Penguin.
  • Speaking of which, God definitely gave Penguins a raw deal in the way they walk, er, waddle, er, shimmy, er….whatever they do. It’s just awkward.
  • “That’s not a trio, there are only three of them”
  • You’ll be surprised at how well executed the main theme is here. It’s about finding yourself and what you’re capable of doing if you’re allowed to even think you can fly. Pretty deep stuff.

I recommend this movie to anyone even if you don’t have kids. I don’t know how successful it was or even if it was released in theaters or went straight to dvd, but I promise you it’s worth the watch.

25 to go…..

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