#37 – The Dark Knight Rises

When: Sunday, July 29, 2012

With Who: A buncha ‘I don’t knows’

Where: Torrance, CA

How: Not sure if everyone knows this (I didn’t), but AMC has Matinee’s – their first couple of shows per day, even on weekends – for only $6. Pretty cool. That’s what I did.

Why: Dude, it’s Batman

I’M NOT going to post the usual link here because if you don’t know about this movie, I don’t know what to tell you.

It really doesn’t matter what era we are in, when a Batman flick is released it’s more like an event.

Before I get started on this posts, I would be remiss not to send out my heartfelt condolences to the victims of  the Aurora attack. We’re still trying to wrap our minds around the senseless act of violence, and we continue to hold the victims and their families in our prayers.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to watch this movie when I remember not being able to wait for it when the first trailer was released to the world. I also wondered if it would be as hyped as The Dark Knight, and therefore would the expectations be met.

My thought on Sunday was that I would be one of the only people in the theater, as this would be the second showing of the day.

Um, that was just stupid. The showing was pretty much sold out.

The movie starts and I found myself kinda concerned during the first 20 minutes or so. Yes I realize movies have to warm up sometimes as they are telling a story. But I found it to start a little slow. I was still engaged but really wanted them to get to the point.

You know what? They did. Big time!

Maybe around 90 minutes or so into it I told myself it was everything I hoped it would be. About 45 minutes later I was convinced it was the best of the series. It’s just entertaining.

I have always said that action films or only as good as their villains. Well, Bane is about as good as they come. Mind you I’ve never read comics so this has nothing to do with a comparison of Bane in the books. But from an action film standpoint, more specifically that of a Batman action film, you name me one better in the Batman movie series.

I will have to watch the film again (how can you not watch any Batman film 28 times?) to validate my position of this being the best of this series. As it stands right now, my order of this series is Dark Knight Rises, Batman Begins, Dark Knight. Batman Begins may be one and Rises may be two, but Dark Knight is still my least favorite of the trio. But that DOES NOT mean that I didn’t like it. I loved all three films.

This is not to say that Rises doesn’t have faults  (hey how long do they keep the same Mayor in Gotham City for crying out loud?). But what movie doesn’t? Remember, my point of view on these movies are not based on the comics, but on entertainment.

My Thoughts:

  • Did you notice that ‘The Tumbler’ aka Batmobile wasn’t used by Batman at all in this film?
  • With Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine in the cast, is this close to be the oldest overall cast in film history? Driving Miss Daisy might be a close second.
  • No, seriously. How long is the mayor term in GC? This story starts eight years after DK and that Villaragosa look-alike is still mayor. And we don’t know how long he had been mayor in DK.
  • I was very excited to see the same street I head down daily on the way to work in Downtown LA make the film. I felt like with my car touching that pavement everyday, I became one with a celebrity. Including this morning on my way to work. You have my permission to touch me.
  • I’m convinced. That was actually Sean Connery playing the voice of Bane.
  • Ok Ok, I get it. Gotta stick to the story. But shouldn’t someone in Gotham have figured out that was Christian Bale, aka Bruce Wayne in that costume thanks to that undeniable awkwardly shaped mouth he has?
  • This Batman tells more people his identity than I remember in the series in the 90’s. But those movies sucked so I guess it’s not safe to compare.
  • How cool was the flying Bat car thingy?
  • (Spoiler Alert) I will say that a disappointment was in the ending for Bane. Dude was unstoppable and I thought what did take him out was pretty lame for his strength and ability. I actually thought during the film that Batman would have to break his one rule for this to end. Bane was so hard core, that I thought it would be no other way. I was disappointed in how it did go down.

When it comes down to it, I’ll say it again…..dude it’s Batman. You won’t hate it. None of Christopher Nolan’s versions of Batman were bad at all. In fact, they were all good. You will not be disappointed with this one if you haven’t seen it. I’m definitely watching it again and if I change my order of my faves I’ll update. I’m sure you’re all dying to know.

23 to go….

(For some reason I can’t get on to youtube as I keep getting an error message; so no trailer…sorry. But I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen the trailer, even if you haven’t seen the movie).


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