#36 – Man On A Ledge

When: Saturday, July 28, 2012

With Who: (singing) Loooonely, I’m so Looooonely, I have no one to call my oooooooooooown. (Thank you very much, hold your applause)

Where: At La Casa

How: Redbox (Hey they emailed me a coupon code)

Why: Was on my list of movies to see at the theater, never got to it.

You know the drill right about now

I love movies that keep you guessing. Even if it doesn’t do an exceptional job at it or if the answer to your guess turns out to be predictable. Keep me engaged by wondering who done it, who was involved, or who is the real mastermind.

That’s what this movie does. It doesn’t do an exceptional job of it but there are enough people in the background to make you unsure of who is involved on the bad side or not. “Did he or didn’t he do it?”. “Will they pull this off or not?” “Oh I think he’s involved. Well, maybe not”.

All questions or statement that will find yourself saying. Wasn’t the most original script ever. In fact it’s pretty much a more serious, unfunny version of Tower Heist, a recent flick. Still, it didn’t feel like a complete waste of time to me.

My thoughts:

  • Sam Worthington as got to be related to Russell Crowe in some way. Their voices are similar to me and I think they kinda, very kinda, look alike.
  • Leading to that last point, if you need an actor in a film to speak in a very low tone while standing on a ledge, please don’t get someone with an accent of ANY KIND! Thanks
  • Anthony Mackie has made a name for himself appearing in several big box office films. For some reason though, to me, he will always be Papa Doc from 8 Mile. Don’t judge me.
  • Kyra Sedwich, who like Papa Doc, er Anthony Mackie, is tied to one role, her role as The Closer, made me laugh out loud when she, as a newscaster, said her name the first time. Suzie Morrrrrrrrrrales. LOL. Please, lady. The spanish accent? Really?
  • William Sadler and Ed Harris have aged. Which makes me scared. I remember when they looked young. Meaning I must be old too. Watch this movie and then watch Sadler in Die Hard 2. It’ll make you drink and cry at the same time.

Not quite movie of the year material but definitely entertaining. See if you find it predictable. There were a couple of things I probably should have seen coming but didn’t. Maybe I’m slipping. Or maybe I’m getting old like Sadler and Harris too. (sigh)

24 to go…..

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