#32 – Men In Black 3

When: Saturday, June 30, 2012

With Who: My Wife

Where: Anaheim, CA

How: Downtown Disney, AMC Theater

Why: Time to kill while at Disneyland. And it was on my list. Wanted to catch it before it left the theater

Click here for more info on the movie

We are Annual Pass holders (APH) at Disneyland and came to the shocking conclusion that as many times as we’ve been there, we’ve never been to the movie theater there. In fact we never go to any Downtown Disney store except the pretzel place.

So getting there at 7 am for the APH Early Entry so we can experience Carsland, our little girl had run out of juice. Fortunately so did my mom.  They both returned to my mom’s car to take a nap.

This left my wife and I with about three hours to kill.

Thanks to technology while in California Adventure, the AMC app told me that the show started in 11 mins and, with only two shows for the day, the next one would be six hours later.

So we haul butt to the other end of Downtown Disney and make it just in time to finish the trailer that was on and start the movie.

Back history: my wife has never like Men IN Black. She thought the concept was stupid. I later came to find out that she’ never even watched any of them. I thought she saw it and didn’t like it.

Another piece of back history: my wife is notorious for falling asleep during movies. Periodically we’ll rent a movie on a Friday night to watch with our daughter as family time. I don’t remember my wife staying awake through any of those movies so far.

So I was surprised to hear my wife laugh out loud at a scene that was probably around 2/3 of the way into the film.

As it came to an end, my wife enthusiastically said, “THAT WAS GOOD!”.

To which I replied, “I know, you actually stayed awake”.

I think now she will give the other two a try. But the second one sucked.

Anyway, my thoughs:

  • Was it necessary to come up with a story line where someone could play a version of Tommy Lee Jones because his old ass can’t work too many hours?
  • If they wait another 10 years to do a 4th installment….well never mind.
  • Great story, less focused on efx means this is a really good movie. I will venture to be so bold in saying this was the best in the series.
  • Of course it doesn’t mean it’s without moments. I thought it was highly coincidental that the boy happened to be in the truck RIGHT THERE
  • Inner family discussion. My wife and mom (who had seen it previously) were under the impression that K (Jones) knew who J was from day 1. I don’t get that impression. I say he didn’t know till the end or at the very earliest right before the movie took place.  Those of you who have seen it, what do you think?

Surprisingly good movie and if you’re a fan of the series you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re not a fan of the series, this one might make you check out the others.

Right baby?
28 to go…


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