#30 – The Sitter

When: Friday, June 22, 2012

With Who: All Alooooooone

Where: La Casa

How: Blockbuster DVD By Mail

Why: Watching the trailer gave me a couple of chuckles



Never heard of this movie? Check it out here

Once I got the dvd in the mail, I was kinda apprehensive about watching it. It’s one thing for it to be on your list because you chuckled. It’s another thing to actually sit down and watch it.

Finally decided ‘why not’.

I’m a fan of movies that you can just sit back and enjoy. Don’t over-analyze. Don’t wonder too much about it making sense or being realistic. Just sit back and have fun.

I surprisingly had fun watching this movie. I had a few more chuckles. And I found the unrealistic aspect of it even more fun.

Here are some thoughts of mine:

  • This movie reminded me so much of a favorite childhood film of mine, Adventures In Babysitting. If I watched that film today after all these years, I will probably think it sucks. If I were to watch The Sitter in about a year, I would probably think it sucks.
  • The first scene of the movie will let you know that this is a very blunt movie and I’m sure it has to be Rated R. But I wouldn’t have thought that from the trailer.
  • That other girl interested in him is HOT!
  • A random hispanic kid being adopted by this family? Really? More of that aforementioned lack of realistic scenario. Still, it was turned out to be fun.
  • Thank you makers of The Sitter, for not making a gag reel involving all physical stunts for Jonah Hill. Yes there was physical comedy, but it wasn’t overbearing.

Honestly you’ll have a good time if you sit back and watch at home with your mind off. But it’s definitely not a family movie. Put the kids to bed, get some wine, and mom and dad can share a laugh or two before bedtime.

30 to go….

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