#29 – One For The Money

When: Monday, May 28, 2012

With Who: Just Me

Where: At Home

How: Blockbuster DVD By Mail

Why: Saw the trailer on another DVD and thought it would be fun.


Check out more info here.

This one had potential. In the trailer, it looked fun and it looked funny.

The beginning of it started off very playful and looked like it would deliver on its “playfulbility”.

Then a strange thing happened. The film started to take itself too seriously. It started to really believe it was going to be a serious drama, and this woman who knew nothing about anything other than selling draws at Macy’s was suddenly going to become Dog The Bounty Hunter.

There were high points. The grandmother was definitely the best character in the movie. But of course, once the film became serious there was no where to put a grandma so we didn’t see her very much.

Actually I liked all the scenes with the family. But they were underused. They become useless when the story started taking itself seriously.

Anyway, deeper thoughts:

  • On this DVD, there was a trailer for another movie starring the same Katherine Heigl lady who stars in this one. It’s called Killers and the movie looks almost the same (lady in over her head) except in that one she’s doing it for her boyfriend who is an assassin, played by….wait for it….Ashton Kutcher! As the assassin. Seriously. I put it in my DVD Queue, not because it looks good, but because there is excellent potential for me to rip that movie to shreds on this blog, and you need a little ripping in life every once in a while.
  • SPOILER ALERT! Why did the villain in this movie, who was soooo hardcore, send Katherine Heigl messages, drop off damaged people, and call her without trying to hurt her? He would hurt everyone else, knew where she lived and yet did nothing? WTH?
  • John Leguizamo was also underused in this film. Times must be tough. He doesn’t seem to appear in as many films as he did in the 90’s. And that is a travesty.
  • Whenever there’s a good looking woman in the lead spot of a film that is not a rom-com, it’s mandatory for there to be at least one scene involving nudity and/or sexuality with said woman. It’s a Hollywood law. And this film is no exception.

Overall, this was nothing to write home about. If you never see this film, your life will not be altered one bit. If you do see it, your life will not be altered one bit. Your call.

31 to go…..


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