Aww Man! Paramount has delayed GI Joe: Retaliation

One of the movies that I was most looking forward to of 2012 will have to wait until my 2013 film challenge.

According to reports, the sequel to GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra will not hit theaters until March 2013.

The reason given (on the condition of anonymity, of course) is what really irks me. Essentially it’s about money and greed. But the actual reason given is that they are taking the time to convert the film to 3D.

I have a problem with that. No wait, actually, it pisses me off.

This whole 3D thing is out of control. It is nothing, absolutely nothing more than studios jacking up prices unnecessarily. To see a film in 3D you have to pay generally between $4 – $7 more per ticket.

In most cases, the 3D does absolutely nothing to enhance the film. Very rarely does 3D serve a purpose. I can’t think of too many times when it helped the story telling visually. About the only film I can think of that was worth paying extra to see in 3D is Avatar. The entire world created for that film was stunning and it was visually enhanced with 3D.

But now every animated child film and horror flick wants to be in 3D. Even James Cameron, who I have a lot of respect for artistically, went the inexplicable route of re-releasing Titanic in 3D.

This needs to stop. Stop trying to squeeze every dime out of us for useless purposes. I never see a film in 3D unless I feel it enhances the film. Fortunately they still offer ever film in standard format in theaters today, but for how long?

And if you don’t think they’re just trying to squeeze money out, go to any website that list showtimes for movies (after you’re done reading my awesome blog, of course). Check any film available in 3D and find the same film in standard format. Bet any amount of money that the 3D/Imax (oh don’t even get me started on that one)/enhanced or whatever other version you can think of, has at least twice the number of showings as the standard format.

It’s all about money and this needs to stop.

What next? A re-release of Gone With The Wind in 3D Imax? Wait, don’t let me give them any ideas.

As far as the GI Joe sequel. Apparently I have no choice but to wait for it. But if I die between next month when the film was initially supposed to be released and March of next year, I will come back and haunt the asses of all those greedy Paramount exec’s. And their little dog too. (insert evil genius laugh here)

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