#28 – The Darkest Hour

When: Sunday, May 27, 2012

With Who: Nobody

Where: At The House

How: Blockbuster DVD By Mail

Why: Saw the trailer for this on another DVD I was watching and thought it had potential. I might be one of the few who actually watch the trailers of DVD’s.


If you have never heard of this movie – and I don’t blame you one bit if that’s the case – click here for more info.

I had never heard of this film before seeing the trailer on a DVD. So imagine my surprise when, after a little bit of research, I discovered that not only did the movie make $60 million at the box office, but it only cost $30 million dollars to make (assuming that information is reliable).

It’s pretty tough to tackle alien invasions because we’ve seen them so often in so many ways. Not sure if this film is based on anything (book, remake of a film or….dare I say it….real life?), but I thought it was a pretty original idea.

It was the kind of movie I like. Where no one is safe. You never know who is going to make it and who won’t. The only misstep I saw was with one character, making him pretty much the villain of the humans from the first time we meet him. There is no reason for us to care whether he makes it or doesn’t.

I found it refreshing to have main characters in disaster who actually seem like they have some kind of sense. Of course there are the common disaster film “of course” moments; like info in a book (or tape) that just so happens to be there pertaining to exactly what’s going on. Or some simple task that has been completed dozens of times before but, ‘of course’ since the main characters are there this time, disaster strikes.

But yet and still, overall I found the film to be pretty entertaining. I was surprised initially by how low it’s ratings average (5/10, which is basically an F), but it’s possible that people just don’t like films that destroy entire regions via a Natural Disaster or Alien Invasion. I thought the Tom Cruise remake of War Of The Worlds was better than people gave it credit for.

My Thoughts:

  • Glad to see something besides New York being destroyed in an Alien Invasion movie. But Russia? Seriously?
  • Everyone in this film is such an unknown actor, that I had trouble telling the two guys apart. That becomes important during certain scenes. Especially when they may be covered in dust or something else that makes it hard.
  • Great Special Effects. I’m surprised that, even with the little known actors in the cast, the movie was so inexpensive to make.
  • I like great effects in a movie, but not in sacrifice to the story itself. I think this film does a great job of not making the effects the main aspect of the story.
  • Yes I know this movie was extremely farfetched. But a lot of times that’s a really good thing.

I was kept interested throughout. I was curious to know how it would turn out. Plus it was only about an hour and a half. I thought that was a wise decision as there was probably concern about redundancy.

I don’t regret that hour and a half.

32 to go…..

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