#27 – Chronicle

When: Saturday, May 26, 2012

With Who: Solo

Where: At Home

How: Blockbuster By Mail DVD (First One)

Why: Looked interesting. Was on my list to see in the theater this year, just never made it.

Wanna know about it? You know what to do.

I’m a fan of anything bold. Anything that tries to tell a story different from what we’ve seen so often in the past.

That’s not an easy task. If I had to take a stab at how many movies have ever been made in history, I would guess it’s in the mid hundreds of thousands range.  We’ve seen a lot.

On one hand, the concept of Chronicle isn’t too different from things we’ve seen in the past. On the other hand, the concept behind the underlying tone is very different than most films we’ve seen. I liked that.

The best way to describe this is after inexplicably exploring a random hole in the ground on the rural grounds behind a party, these three high school students are given the exact same powers as that of Hancock, Will Smith’s 2008 film.

Hancock at least gave a half ass attempt of the reason why Will Smith had his powers. In this film, there is absolutely no explanation or any question about it (although, in all fairness it was vaguely touched on in the last scene).

The source of their powers, however, wasn’t the point.

On the physical DVD, the caption above the title reads ‘What are you capable of?’.

That is the point of the film.

What follows can only be described as Hancock meets Columbine. When you’re giving young knuckle heads special powers, people are bound to get hurt. Whether they deserve it or not.

I like that concept. I like what the film focused on. What would you do if you were in one of the boys’ shoes? Did he go too far? Did he just want to be left alone? He snapped. We’ve seen that before in many films and unfortunately in real life as well. They just don’t usually have the abilities as these guys.

More of my thoughts:

  • I was surprised at the camera format of this film. It was told through a hand-held video camera, much like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. Usually that format is most effective with horror flicks, such as the aforementioned titles; which this is not. I guess that would explain the title, although I wasn’t paying too much attention to why they called it that. Still, I found the personal video format surprisingly affective.
  • I would have liked to delve further into the other two boys’ life and home situation. The story is told through one guy’s (Andrew) point of view, and it seemed like his cousin (Matt) only had his powers for one huge reason in the movie. Their friend (Steve) really served no ‘power’ purpose at all. Could their desire to not do bad be for a reason just as strong as why Andrew wanted to do bad? I would have liked to know that.
  • What would you do if you had those kind of powers? No way do you not ask yourself that question at least once during the movie.
  • I forgot her name, but how does that blog girl just randomly fall in love with this guy who she seemed to really not be feeling in the beginning. That whole relationship seemed forced. Like they had to be together by the climax of the film. Which is fine. But why make them so disconnected in the beginning?
  • What happened to her anyway?
  • What happened to the dad?
  • I must have missed it. Where was that place that Matt took the camera to saying ‘you made it’?

Great effects and a good story about a damaged person with special powers make this a pretty good watch. It’s also only about an hour and 20 mins, which I also found a plus. It’s worth the watch. You won’t be disappointed.

33 to go…..

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2 Responses to #27 – Chronicle

  1. I can agree that this movie does make you ask A LOT of questions. I wouldn’t mind a follow up to this movie, although not necessarily a sequel. Perhaps instead of following Matt (who, like you say, never really accomplishes much until a certain part of the story, and to me was just a generic slacker/stoner kid for much too long) I’d like to see if they follow another person’s story, who may find something else/somewhere else related to how the boys got their power, and really explore more ways people would use it.

    Andrew’s story was deep, but as much as I loved the movie, it does follow a story we’ve seen before in non-superhero and superhero media alike. I might like to see a direction like the comic series “Rising Stars”, where some applied their powers to particular jobs (an indestructible man in the series couldn’t get hired for football because while he was invunerable to pain, he didn’t have strength to push back against strong athletes, wasn’t allowed to join the military or police, etc; so he did commercials for insurance). And maybe just one of them could try changing the world (like the latter storyarc of the series touched upon) and show how dangerous it is to try and change the status quo, powers or not. Just anything that expands that idea that, like you said, talks about “What would you do?”

  2. shadrock2k says:

    Those are all very excellent points and suggestions. Matt wouldn’t be very interesting, as you said, but the problem is that OF COURSE the hole where they found their powers was closed up and not available to anyone else. I suppose there could always be a way to reverse that but I also wouldn’t mind seeing Blog Girl get the powers from Matt somehow (sex? that was touched on in a scene with Andrew to the point where he couldn’t….maybe it would share the powers?). I think her reach is much farther than Matt’s and she actually seems to care about things (although she spends most of her time filming parties, it seems there could be a much deeper side of her). Plus she’s had the experience first hand at the magnitude of what could happen. I think there are a number of directions it can spin off.

    Never heard of Rising Stars but it sounds very interesting. Showing how dangerous it is to change stat quo is always a very interesting topic. I’ll have to check out that series. It also made my mind go back to Chronicle. Other than nose bleeding, there didn’t seem to be any drawbacks to having the powers. That would have been a good side conflict. Although I think that the whole nose bleed thing was flawed. Others start to bleed when one person is using their powers for wrong, so under that theory shouldn’t all of them die if one of them does?

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