#25 – Paranormal Activity 3

When: Tuesday, May 22,2012

With Who: Just Me. Spoooooky.

Where: At The House

How: Netflix DVD (Last one before switching over to Blockbuster by Mail)

Why: Because I watched the first two on Netflix Streaming and had to finish the series because that’s the way I am.

Been under a rock and don’t know anything about this movie? Check it out here.

Whew, finally! It had been a nice gap between watching the other two and watching this one. That’s because I was in no hurry. Oh and plus the NBA Playoffs have kept my eyes busy.

I will concede that this one was slightly, only slightly, scarier than the first two.  Those were mainly due to human pranks that did not occur in the first two films.

But overall it was pretty much the same ole same. I don’t like that this all takes place with in the same family (all three films over around a 20 year period). I don’t like that they never seem to move to another city. I don’t like that they are moving backwards in time in the series. In my opinion, the third should have been the first and vice versa.

We already know nothing is going to happen to the girls because we saw them as adults in the earlier movies. That takes away suspense. In horror flicks, everyone should be a potential victim. That’s what makes it interesting. Fair game for the enemy. No one is safe.

My Thoughts:

  • Except for maybe Cabin In The Woods, I will not be doing any more horror flicks this year for this challenge. They are just not my cup of tea. I go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights every year and that’s a much better way to experience horror flicks. To walk thru real sets with things jumping out at you.
  • I don’t like silliness in horror flicks. They never leave the house despite all the madness (although for the first time in the series, they did in this one). But still, horror flicks tend to just be dumb.
  • Was that the mother or the grandmother that was standing of front of Dennis at the end? I think it was the grandmother but I couldn’t tell.
  • How come the little girl wasn’t scared at the end of the movie?
  • If that was the grandmother, what happened to the mother of the girls?
  • Who in the HELL were all those people in that other room?
  • Be on the lookout for Paranormal Activity 4 this year. It will take place with the same girls in the womb. The entire film will be viewed through ultrasound.

I suppose if you like horror flicks you’ve enjoyed this series. It’s more psychological for the most part than anything. My suspicion is that it’s playing on the popular view that The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever made so it’s trying to play off of that style.

And as long as it’s popular, it may also try to mirror the Saw franchise and make 48 sequels.

God help us all.

35 to go…..


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