#24 – The Contract

When: Saturday, May 19, 2012

With Who: On My Own

Where: At Home

How: Netflix DVD

Why: Had never heard of this movie before. Was searching movies on Netflix and first noticed the two stars. Pretty big star power for a movie I didn’t know.


Not that I would blame you, but if you’ve never heard of this movie and want more info…click here.

Although there was pretty good size star power, I really had no idea what to expect. When I placed the DVD in and it got to the menu, there were scenes shown while the DVD patiently waits for you to press play.

The scenes looked rural and like it might be a slow movie.

I began questioning if I had made the right decision. But I pretty much had already committed so I had to stick with it.

Morgan Freeman is my favorite actor. But it doesn’t mean he always does great movies.

But this one was pretty good. He plays an assassin, which I wondered how that would work with him being 105 years old. But it worked. Most of the film takes place in the woods, which I liked because it was different.

It was a little slow at first but definitely picked up, although it seemed like the ending felt a little incomplete. Just a little.

My thoughts:

  • It seems every single time there’s a scene where a character in a film ends up in water, the very next scene their clothes are always completely dry. Why is that so hard to fix? They could even get clothes that are just made to look wet. At least try to fool us.
  • Why is John Cusack always taking his kids camping in a movie?
  • Was amazed at how so many characters in the films were professional assassins, but when shooting at people they often couldn’t hit a damn thing.
  • When is Morgan Freeman’s 106th bday?
  • I couldn’t believe this movie was released in 2006. It’s old but I had never heard of it. Don’t know if it was in theaters or went straight to video.

If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a view. Freeman is in top form and Cusack is pretty good too. You won’t regret it.

36 to go…..

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