#23 – The Avengers

When: Sunday, May 6, 2012

With Who: Well depending on how you look at it. I say I saw it alone because I didn’t know anyone. But technically I saw it with strangers. A LOT of them!

Where: Torrance AMC

How: With my last Gold Movie Pass. (sniff, sniff)

Why: Because it looked frickin’ awesome!

For new subscribers and as a refresher, I don’t do film reviews. There are millions of other bloggers and critics who will give you they synopsis of the film and what not. I don’t. I give my thoughts on what I noticed in the movie and sometimes the entire experience of me watching the film. So I always provide a link where you can get all the info you need on the film and for this particular film, that link is here.

This film was on my list of highly anticipated films for 2012 but we all know that highly anticipated does not always mean it’s good.

But this one is. Even with the trailer looking like it could be really good I didn’t still didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.

Admittedly I don’t follow the comics and of all of the characters of the hero’s in Avengers I had only seen the two Iron Man movies. After seeing this film, I now want to watch the others.

I was amazed at how well written the script was. Usually comic book films like to sacrifice great writing for great action.

This one has both. I laughed out loud at a few spots and felt like I was on a roller coaster ride at other times. Though it was a bit longer than I thought it would be, the time flew.

My Thoughts:

  • As I watched every special effect in this film, I thought to myself that it had to be the most expensive film ever made. After a little research, I found out it wasn’t. You know what movie cost more to make? The movie labeled as the biggest flop in movie history….John Carter. This film actually cost $25 million less to make than that one. They must have had a SFX Groupon or something.
  • It’s always funny to me when you think about the ratio between the strength and power of the hero versus villains. In this film and in most comic book series the Villain is usually gargantuan and will often possess some type of special powers. I always think to myself “well fortunately for planet Earth we happen to have a/some superhero(es). Because if you had a Hulk vs a drug kingpin from New York, or an intergalactic villain with special powers vs Steven Seagal, it would be pretty imbalanced. Still, you have to see the irony.
  • Is there any comic book superhero with more personality than Tony Stark/Iron Man? Easy for him to steal the show when you’re dealing with personalities equivalent to watching paint dry: Captain America, I’m talking to you. From a distance. In a nice way.
  • Why didn’t the Hulk go after Black Widow (Scarlett Johanson) again after he turned back into himself the second time? I actually was confused about why he went after her in the first place, but then when he turned back it seemed all was forgiven.
  • I don’t follow the comics as I mentioned before, so there was a part I had no idea what to think about that rolled during the credits. I know it involved a potential villain for the inevitable Avengers 2; Avengers Return; Avengers Once Again; Avengers One Mo’ Time, or whatever the sequel will be called. The audience kind of gasped when he turned but I don’t know who he is. Can someone tell me? Or I’ll just have to wait until Avengers Part Deux.
  • Seriously? Thor and his brother spoke with that ‘M’Lord’ type English the whole movie? It seemed weird around regular old fashioned, american heroes.
  • Why is New York always leveled in Sci Fi movies?
  • Hulk is a mammoth!

Big fun. Even if you don’t anything about the comics, it’s still a fun ride. Jump on it. You won’t be sorry.

37 to go….



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