#22 – Haywire

When: Saturday, May 5, 2012

With Who: The Mrs

Where: At The House

How: Redbox DVD

Why: Was DEFINITELY on my 2012 film list based on the trailer. Wanted to see it in the theater but didn’t get to it.

If you want to….well, you already know.

This film was high on my radar based on its trailer. Since I didn’t get to catch it at the theater, I was excited to see the commercial for this film dropping on DVD last Tuesday.

I immediately placed it in my Netflix Queue and moved it to the top spot. The notes on the right said “long wait” so I knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted to see it.

Fast forward to a few days later and I’m in the grocery store looking for something, yet I find myself browsing the Redbox data base.

One of the first films I saw available was Haywire and it was available. Well call me a nerd but I was very excited. And for only one dollar and some change, it didn’t matter which format I selected the film was mine; at least until 9 pm the next night.

The next morning I’m getting started on what feels like enough laundry for an entire sold out hotel and I pop in the dvd.

My wife and baby were out so perfect time to have at it.

The film opens at a diner (why is there always a diner scene in action films) with a conversation between the main character, Mallory, and a guy and we are unsure of their relationship.

Next thing I know some jaw dropping, no holds barred fighting takes place. We have no idea why. We have no idea who anyone is. We have no idea what comes next. So as a result I think I said WTF out loud.

Ironically at exactly the time that scene ended, my wife and daughter walk back in the house.

I pause it as I don’t know what’s going to happen and our daughter is five years old. She does not need to see this film, not just because of the language, but because she will go to school and try the fight scenes on her friends if she were to witness it.

After everyone gets settled and our baby goes in to her room to play, I tell my wife to watch the scene I had just watched.

Once the fighting started, her reaction: WTF?

I said, “I know, right?”

So we decided to watch the film together. Nothing like a good old fashioned female espionage film to keep a marriage strong. Actually I was concerned about my daughter trying the fight moves but then I watched the film with my wife. My priorities are all out of whack.

So this was how I was introduced to Haywire. Sadly the rest of the film didn’t live up to interest of the opening scene to me. But not to say I didn’t like it. It was ok. But neither of us liked the ending. As my wife stated, it made us feel Unsettled, as if there should have been more.

My thoughts:

  • There were complaints that Gina Carrano, the main character, can’t act. I didn’t know who she was so I looked her up. She’s a MMA fighter. A pro fighter. Since when did we expect Mike Tyson to be an Oscar Nominee. And need I remind these people about Ahnuld, who had a successful career not only not being able to act, but also not being able to speak very well. Come on people.
  • I’ll bet no one on the planet besides me noticed that the first word uttered by Gina Carrano in the film, and the last word of the film uttered by Antonio Banderas was the exact same word. S**t! And I bet that was intentional.
  • Why was this woman so willing to open up every detail of her life to a total stranger she met in a diner?
  • There were so many names thrown out in the story that both, my wife and I, had no idea who was who. I gave up on the names and just started calling them by face. i.e. “the dude in the diner” or “the guy who sent her on the mission”, etc.

I don’t regret not seeing it in the theater and I feel good that one of the movies I wanted to see can be checked off my list.

38 to go….



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2 Responses to #22 – Haywire

  1. J says:

    Thanks for linking my article! Yeah the movie suffered from Carano being allowed to act. I’m almost certain if they got a real female actor it would have been better.

    • shadrock2k says:

      No prob. Thanks for subscribing. I’m subscribed to yours too. Yeah she couldn’t act very well but she was really good with the fight scenes. I thought they were really fighting. Haha

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