Intermission: No I Will Not See Titanic In The Theater

In a time where the world is calling on crooks to be held accountable, I can’t believe Hollywood has not pulled the coat tail on these filmmakers who re-release these movies just to make an extra few bucks.

As I went to go see Safe House on Sunday, I saw a trailer for the re-release of Godfather II. And here was the funniest part to me. During the trailer it actually said “re-mastered under the supervision of Francis Ford Coppola”. Oh really? Well in that case….

It’s a waste. As the first biggest blockbuster of modern day (before Avatar) got its own re-release this past Friday, I asked myself and others why would you go see it?

A couple of years ago I read an article that stated that not only would James Cameron be re-releasing his blockbuster, but that he was converting it to 3-D.

(sigh) Why?

Not only was the film not shot in 3D so it seems useless, but most people (myself included) who liked the film that much owns it on DVD.

Couple that with the fact that, in today’s time, home HDTV’s are bigger than ever and you have to ask yourself why would they do it.

Like many others, I saw Titanic about 7 times in the theater when it first came out. But during that time you couldn’t just go home and watch it. At least not a great copy. Once it was available on DVD I got it for my collection to watch whenever I wanted.

If I want to watch it, I’ll put in the DVD and watch it on my 60″ High Definition Television and be just fine with that.

I don’t get it, but Titanic is not alone. Star Wars, Phantom Menace, Godfather, The Exorcist, and Avatar (with what they said was 11 minutes of extra footage, smh) to name a few have all been victims of the re-release greed bug.

And James Cameron should know better. We know they charge a surcharge to watch a 3D movie in the theater. Does Cameron know?

I have a lot of respect for these classic flicks. But you’ve had your time. Classic films are still classic on DVD. Titanic was the first movie ever to gross a billion dollars and that was in 1997-1998. I mean, honestly that wasn’t good enough?

But as of date, the re-release of Titanic has made over $25 million. (shrugs) What do I know?

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2 Responses to Intermission: No I Will Not See Titanic In The Theater

  1. Jay Lo says:

    Interesting article! I see your point about the release of Titanic. I know that I plan to go and view this movie in 3-D, since I never viewed it the first time. I didn’t care to see Titanic when it was released and then after about a year I gave it a few tries. With several attempts I finally viewed the whole thing and my opinion completely changed. I love Titanic and since then I’ve watched it dozens of times using my Blockbuster @ Home feature. I can stream this to my TV or iPad when ever I like and I told my self if it was ever in the theaters again I wasn’t going to miss it. Now it’s my chance to view it and see how much better the experience will be. I’m glad my coworker from DISH told me about the Blockbuster @ Home for awesome movie rentals.

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