#18 – Safe House

When: Sunday, April 8, 2012

With Who: A Buncha Strangers

Where: Las Vegas, South Point Hotel

How: Movie Theater Inside Casino

Why: One of the movies I wanted to see this year…..looked good



If you want more info….

Well it only took me to get through almost a third of my challenge, but I have finally not only seen my first film of the challenge in the theater, but this is also the first movie of the challenge that was released in 2012.

And it was a good one. Surprisingly entertaining from an action stand point from a movie starring Denzel Washington.

That’s not to say that the movie wasn’t without faults. I’ll go in to those more in my thoughts. The main thing is that I figured out the “twist” ending about 30 minutes in to the movie.

But I’ve been so much of a fan of action movies all my life that it’s pretty hard to pull the wool over my eyes. Generally movies that have me fooled (Fight Club comes to mind) get very higly ranked on my list of all time favorite movies.

While Safe House won’t be knocking any of movies off of that list, it was still a very entertaining flick that kept me interested through out to make sure that what I thought was the ending really was the ending.

My thoughts:

  • This movies actually kind of started a little rocky to me. Not because I didn’t get it but because of my habit of overthinking. The “bad guys” in this film were very accurate in their abilities. They were effecient to say the least, particularly in the beginning. But during one scene, the head bad guy questioned someone, killed them for not answering the question about the whereabouts of who they were looking for, but who they were looking for was right up the hallway from where they were. He walked away. I just didn’t get that someone so effecient and thorough wouldn’t look up the hall for said individual.
  • Same bad guy inexplicably, after a fun car chase where everything was torn up among the eratic driving, decided to put the silencer on his gun on the freeway before trying to kill someone in the other car….also involved in the car chase. Um, why? To not make noise? At this point, half the city had been wrecked thanks to this car chase. Thanks for being considerate in not wanting to shoot a loud gun.
  • I actually found myself getting upset at a scene that would have NEVER HAPPENED in real life. Let me just put it this way, everyone on the planet authorized to carry and shoot a firearm knows to never never ever ever under any circumstance fire into a crowd of innocent, unarmed people in an attempt to get one person. EVER EVER EVER. PERIOD.
  • I’ll bet my last dollar that this movie has more blood shed than every film Denzel has been in combined.
  • These last two have nothing to do with movie but I want to share my odd experiences. First it was the guy who was at the box office who sold me my ticket. Safe House is old by theater standards so it only has two showings. One at 2:30 pm and one at 8:15 pm. This conversation takes place at 8:00 pm. Me: “Can I get one for Safe House please?”. Box Office Guy: “Safe House at 8:15?”. Me (inside my head): “No dude, Safe House at 2:30 today, 5 1/2 hrs ago”. Me (in reality): “um, yeah”.
  • Second, the theater was kind of small. When you walk in, at the level of the door there is an open aisle that leads to the other side of the theater,which isn’t very long. There is a section of about 10 rows above that aisle and another section of about 6 rows below the aisle, right up under the screen. There was a group of about five people sitting in the second row of the top area, above the aisle at door level. I’m sitting at the very top row on the right side (if you’re facing the screen) of the screen, and there is a couple sitting approximately eight seats to my left. We are the only three up in the top row. For some unknown reason, twice during the film at least one person in the second row decides to walk up the right side of the section to the top row, walk across me and the couple along the top row, walk down the other side of the stores and out the door to do whatever they had to do. Now all they had to do was walk down two rows and walk across the open aisle at door level. Instead they walked all the way up the stairs on the right side of the screen, across the top row, down the left stairs and out the door. WTH? I thought it was just me until I heard the couple asking why they don’t just walk down that aisle to each other. Good to know I’m not loco.

All in all, good movie. Some faults in details but I’m probably the only one to notice the things I noticed. Probably the best movie Denzel has done since Inside Man (I love that movie). I recommend it when it comes on DVD. If you want.

42 to go….



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