#17 – Jumping The Broom

When: Thursday, April 5, 2012

With Who: Just Yours Truly

Where: At The House

How: Directv Plus (Directv’s Version of Netflix you can download to your DVR via an internet connection. Way Cool)

Why: Why Not?


If you want…..ahh you already know.

I was surprised to see the low rating this film received. There are movies that are much worse that were higher rated.

As always though, this film suffers from what I call “cultural differentiation”. I came up with that term after being highly upset at the fact that ‘African American’ is actually a film category now. I’ll write about that in the near future and express my true hatred for that, but for now let’s just say it seems that in general only black people have an appreciate for black movies.

With that being said I found this film enjoyable. Particularly the understanding of the Matriach’s, played by Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine.

With the unnecessary re-release of Titanic today, it’s a perfect time for an analogy. In that film, Rose’s (played by Kate Winslett, who’s been putting her foot in her mouth waaay too much lately in interviews about the film’s re-release) mother asked if the boats meant to save their lives upon the understanding that the ship was doomed, would be seated according to class. She was high class and looked down on the not-so high class, such as the boy her daughter fell in love with.

Well figuratively speaking, this film is about Rose and Jack’s family meeting for their wedding.

Now THAT sounds interesting right?

Well it was. It just wasn’t Rose and Jack.

There were of course the necessary elements of family members who embarrassed, tormented, frustrated, and downright disrespected others or one another. But I found all of the characters to have very good hearts.

And I think that was the point. No matter the cultural differences, and yes they exist within same races as well, we are all human and just trying to get through life as best we can. We must play the cards that are dealt.

Anyway, no need for a sermon. I’ll save that for a Tyler Perry movie. My thoughts on Jumping The Broom:

  • Paula Patton also played in Queen Latifah’s film Just Wright. I don’t know what it is but each film contains a close up shot of her feet. What are the filmmakers of said movies trying to say? They have a foot fetish?
  • Paula Patton is also the wife of R&B singer Robin Thicke, who I just found out is the son Alan Thicke (meaning I didn’t put two and two together). I just thought it was a funny case of irony that they used one of Robin’s songs in about the third scene of the film, right after his wife was locking lips with another man in character in the film. Hollywood could care less. But they also seem to like feet. So who knows?
  • Angela Bassett should have more roles in films today. She’s an amazing actress, carries herself with class and dignity, and she played Tina Turner for crying out loud.
  • Loretta Devine, also very underrated, should have more parts in Hollywood.
  • Someone needs to tell black filmmakers that it’s not necessary to have one or two comedians in every film. Yeah we get you want to entertain by making people laugh. How about making the script itself more funny? I liked this movie but what it wasn’t was funny.
  • In light of what happened in Februrary, I had an ironic feeling all movie because of Whitney Houston. In 1995, there was a movie called Waiting To Exhale.  The story was about the lives of four women who were best friends. One of those women was Whitney Houston, two of them were Loretta Devine and Angela Bassett, the two Matriarch’s of this film.

The subject line of this film is deeper than you think. It’s a real situation that people face daily. It was not a bad film. But it wasn’t a great one either. So if you can find something else to take from the film, why not?

43 to go…..








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