#16 – Paranormal Activity 2

When: Saturday, March 31, 2012

With Who: Just Me

Where: At The House

How: Netflix Streaming

Why: Have to finish the series. I’m just made that way



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(sigh) Here is where I further dive in to the problem with multiple sequels of a horror series. Very rarely does the sequel(s) bring you anything new.

And in this case…..well, it still holds true.

At least to me.

And I’m probably alone in this as last night at dinner for mom’s bday, I asked my sister if she has seen the Paranormal Activity (PA) series. She said that she has seen all three and proceeded to say the first one sucked. No wait, it was more like the first one SUCKED, was how she put it.

But she didnt’ say anything about the second one. This led me to believe that she didn’t think the second one sucked, or SUCKED.

But the second one was the same as the first one. Different people (sort of), different home, but same situation.

In fact this one hit a little bit too close to home of the first one. Literally.

And to be honest, I found the first one to be slightly “creepier” despite not finding either of them creepy, if that makes any sense.

If I had a gun to my head….no wait, if I had a demon to my head forcing me to answer which of it’s first two PA movies were creepier, I would say the first one.

Mainly because just about everything we saw in the second one, we had already seen in the first one. In the first one it surprised us. In the second one it was just recycled. Although there was one scene I found awesome in this one that was new. More on that in my thoughts.

I still have to finish the series but I’m not looking forward to watching the third one. I have a feeling that it will not be anything more than a recycled plot, and PLEASE let them find another family…completely!

And does it stand to reason that with these films being so successful that this October there will be a PA 4?

Probably. Oh no, what have I gotten myself in to?

My thoughts:

  • Just what was in that door by the kitchen that the dog was trying to get in to and that two members of the household actually did?
  • So was this really about the boy baby or was it just because them chicks are frickin’ crazy!
  • That “cabinet scene” in the kitchen was AWESOME! I thought if they had capitalized on moments like that more in the first two I would have liked the effort a lot more and put more respect in to it. Instead I think they go for the psychological part, and for us logical people there is no connection and we don’t find it scary.
  • Spoiler Alert: Why did they use the Katie’s real name from the first one but give her sister and her entire family character names?
  • I thought they should have done more with the dog. He really served no purpose then they just got rid of him without even telling us what was wrong with him. It was almost like they realized he was serving no purpose either.
  • Why is it customary to have at least one character in every horror film not believe the chacter(s) who have seen something out of the ordinary?

Hey Netflix, would it be asking too much for you to get PA 3 on streaming since you have the first two already? I guess so.

44 to go….


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