#15 – Paranormal Activity

When: Friday, March 30, 2012

With Who: Just Me

Where: At Home

How: Netflix Streaming

Why: Wanted to know what the fuss was about. Plus Netflix has the first two on streaming.

Just in case you have no idea what this movie is about, click here.

What you won’t find a lot of during the course of this challenge is Horror Movies.

Frankly they’re usually not the best piece of filmmaking available. I don’t find them scary and in most cases they are just down right laughable.

How many times does the dame fall while running from the big bad guy with the claws or the chainsaw?

How often do unarmed guys try to be bold by going outside with nothing more than big eyes and a half of a brain to find out what that loud noise was?

Or how often do they yell out “who’s there?” to the noise outside or a noise downstairs? As if whatever is out there is going to answer.

In this film’s case I give it a pass though. Because to me it doesn’t seem to be intended as a horror flick. I think it was more supernatural, and I think there is a big difference. Supernatural isn’t always scary. It’s sometimes just, well of naturally super capabilities. You know, out of the realm of human understanding.

Of course there weren’t a lot of scary parts in the film. I believe that to be intentional. They were more like “whoa, that’s crazy” moments. Or maybe that was just the way I took it. Remember, I don’t find movies to be scary.

But I understand horror flicks are good business. That’s why there is a Paranormal Activity 4 on the way. Look at the many horror franchises that have spawned many sequels; Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Saw, Child’s Play, and now apparently Paranormal Activity. They are cheap to make, people like them, and a story about something you either can’t kill or can’t keep dead has the possibility to go on forever.

I knew nothing about this film before watching it. So I was surprised to see the famous Blair Witch Project format of, a) presenting the entire film through the eyes of a home video camera, and b) using the actor’s real names in the film.

This was intended, I presume, to give the film authenticity. To make it seem like it was real.

I would imagine this was also the reason there were no credits. Whoa! Scary.

Of course I couldn’t understand why they only used the real names of the main two actors, while anyone else in the film used a character name.

Um, ok then.

Anyway, my thoughts:

  • Spoiler alert: Soooo I don’t get it. Was it the lady in the film who had been doing all of this the whole time, had she been converted, or was there never really anything else there? I got the plot twist ending, but I don’t understand it as it pertained to the rest of the film. We saw her sleeping when this other stuff was going on.
  • This went on for three weeks and not once did the guy decide to get a gun or a saw or something to keep under his pillow? Why not just wear a sign that reads “Hey, if you like, come kill me. I’m easy”.
  • He decides to leave, she decides to stay (all after three weeks of craziness), he says ok, they treat it like any other night. Again, “Hey, if you like, come kill me. I’m easy”.
  • I couldn’t help but notice how big and nice the home was and how young the couple were. From the beginning it struck me as being a prop and something that made me look closer. I mean the kind of things that happened had to have a better affect if the house was big, right? These people were too young to own a house that size in San Diego. Yeah he was a day trader, which doesn’t necessarily guarantee income especially seeing as he never seemed to go to work, and she was a student. But I get it. Wouldn’t have the same affect if the “Paranormal Activity” happened in apt 666 in a high rise apt.

I’ll watch the second one probably tonight to see if I like it any better. I saw that there is a third one on dvd so I will have to finish the series because that’s how I’m made.

I did like the ending of the first one although, as I stated, it did confuse me as to what happened the rest of the film. But I like plot twist endings.

On a side note, today marks the last day of the first quarter of the year, and now with this 15th film of my 60 film challenge I am a quarter of the way done. Niiiice.

45 to go…..


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4 Responses to #15 – Paranormal Activity

  1. Bubbawheat says:

    I enjoyed the movie for the most part. It didn’t scare me out of my wits or anything of the sort. But I enjoyed it. I’m also not a big fan of horror movies, I prefer Asian horror movies as they tend to have more substance and supernaturalness to the story rather than just a random unkillable force that is killing a bunch of people until it is temporarily stopped until the time comes to make a sequel.

    • shadrock2k says:

      “…rather than just a random unkillable force that is killing a bunch of people until it is temporarily stopped until the time comes to make a sequel.”

      So True!!!!!

      Any recommendations for the best Asian Horror Movie you’ve seen?

      • Bubbawheat says:

        A lot of the remakes from a few years ago were much better as their Asian counterparts. There’s One Missed Call, as well as two sequels, The Eye 2, and A Tale of Two Sisters. For something a little more bizarre, there’s also the Tomie series, with Replay and Rebirth being the best two, even though Replay is the closest to a western horror movie.

      • shadrock2k says:

        Nice. Thanks man. Lots of options to choose from. I saw One Missed Call. I didn’t realize that was an asian horror movie. But I’ve never heard of the other films. Thanks for the variety

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