#14 – Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

When: Thursday, March 29, 2012

With Who: Solo

Where: At The House

How: Netflix DVD

Why: Ummm, I don’t know. Thought it might be entertaining

Check here for more info on this film

From what I’ve read and heard people weren’t too keen on the previous Ape film….also known as the version with Mark Wahlberg.

But I found that version entertaining. I’m not an Ape’s film Buff so when that is the case, I find that I may not have all of the back info. I may not know if it wasn’t liked because of an inaccuracy in the apparent wide world of knowledge of the back story behind Apes.

But generally unless it’s a series that I’m truly interested in, I just want to, a) not be lost, and b) be entertained.

In this case I was not entertained. I found it to be more of a film for animal lovers, which I am not.

It was sappy. Told the story from perspectives of pet love, family and greed. What it failed to do was give enough action.

I should have known. All the reviews I saw spoke highly of the CGI graphics and not much else. The graphics were nice. But they were used much more different than I would have liked.

By the time the climax of the story became evident, it had lost me. Not in a sense of confusion, but in a sense of disagreement.

So because people love the apes, we’re ok with an ape revolt?

I think not.

My thoughts:

  • Anybody else laugh out loud when the main ape, Cesar, “spoke”?
  • Whoever that lady was that played James Franco’s characters wife in this movie is HOT!
  • But I thought she had a very odd accent. Where was she from? The Planet of the Apes?
  • John Lithgow should have had a higher billing in the cast.
  • Who is the villain in this film? Alzheimers? The Apes? The guy who won’t release Cesar? The guy who chastises Cesar? I have no idea. The movie failed to make me care about any of them.
  • Did they really attempt to imply abuse of the apes by having the “ape prison warden” shoot food on Cesar? Whoa! You rebel! Not enough abuse to warrant a valid reason to revolt. If they gave a better reason, more of the intention of the film would have been clear.
  • While the CGI was strong for the apes, what they basically side-stepped was the action in the CGI. You saw a lot of things that were destructed but not shown how. Boooooo!

46 to go…..

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