#13 – Courageous

When: Saturday, March 24, 2012

With Who: Solo Bolo

Where: The House

How: Netflix DVD

Why: Saw the trailer on another movie I was watching and it caught my attention. Ya know, maybe I shouldn’t have been skipping trailers on dvd’s all these years.


For more info on the movie, you know what to do.

Every once in a while, although not often, you’ll find a piece of entertainment quite capable of changing your life.

For me, this is that piece of entertainment.

I have found the first great film of 2012 in this challenge. And I’ll tell you now, not everyone will agree with that. And I’m perfectly cool with that.

But for me, I wasn’t planning on what I eventually got with this film.

It had everything. Humor, Suspense, Sadness, Thought-Provoking, Inspiration just to name a few. And it did them all well.

But more importantly, it hit home for me. I can’t tell you the specifics for fear of ruining the movie for you but I’ll just say that if you are a father, a single mother, or anyone who can appreciate both, you must see this movie.

I will confess (deep breath, be strong Spiritt) that for the first time that I can ever remember, this movie had me in tears. Yes, perhaps I am punkified now as the father of a little girl. But there were two situations in the film that moved me enough to flow. And I don’t know how many man points I lose for that, but I can tell you that it’s absolutely worth it.

My thoughts:

  • I was surprised by how often God and Faith were outwardly spoken about in this film. Not because I have a problem with it (I don’t). But because it seems people spend so much time being offended by other people’s faith, that I’m surprised no one spent useless time and energy trying to boycott this film.
  • I found the references to the Bible and the openness of praying and sharing the word with other people in the film refreshing.
  • If that bothers you or if you are one of the people that are “offended” by biblical subjects, then you won’t get much out of this movie. And if that is you, please take a few minutes to explain why people’s belief in a higher being is somehow…..offensive.
  • The acting is not on the level of an Academy Award Winner in this film. However, I think that was intentional. Not just because of the obvious aspect of the budget in an independent film. But also because it seems like this film was made much more realistic by having people who seemed to really be going through what was going on in the film, as opposed to some expert actor trying to hard to make it more dramatic.

Bottom line. If you want to be inspired to do better, be better, raise better and live better, this is an excellent starting point. You will be inspired as well as entertained.

This is the film that Tyler Perry keeps trying but fails to make.

47 to go….


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