#12 – 30 Minutes or Less

When: Sunday, March 18, 2012

With Who: Me

Where: At Home

How: Netflix DVD

Why: Saw the trailer on the Bad Teacher DVD (I think it was one of those trailers that couldn’t be skipped) and thought it had potential.

If you’ve never heard of this film, as I hadn’t either, click here for more info.

Ok so don’t judge me. But I found this movie to be fun. Just shut your brain down and have a good time type fun.

I remember the leading actors from various projects. I remember Aziz Ansari from hosting an MTV Awards show a couple of years ago.

I wasn’t impressed.

And I had no idea who Jesse Eisenberg was until The Social Network in which he took on the persona of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, in a role that arguably made him a star.

Anyway, this film worked to me mainly because everyone played to their strengths. It’s a bit goofy at times, but I found myself laughing out loud as well.

I particularly liked the humor associated with Ansari. He plays a substitute school teacher and the role was fitting. His humor was more a way of stating the obvious, but in a way that you know he can’t believe it’s happening.

The result to me is hilarious.

My thoughts:

  • Jesse Eisenberg will always be Mark Zuckerberg to me. Maybe it’s the ‘berg’ connection.
  • After his oscar nominated role in The Social Network, is this a step in the right direction for Jesse Eisenberg or….?
  • Speaking of which, times must have been tough for Michael Pena as well. In this film he plays the goofy assassin. But it was only eight years ago that he had a starring role in an oscar winning film for Best Picture. Matter of fact, he’s on the cover of one of the posters for that film.
  • I bet they make a sequel to this film and call it “or it’s free”. You’ll get it later.

Still looking for the first great movie in 2012. Also I haven’t been to the theater yet in 2012 and with my schedule, this week doesn’t look promising either. But still I will continue to keep my eyes out for new movies. And I welcome any and all recommendations as well.

48 to go….

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