#10 – Bad Teacher

When: Monday, March 12, 2012

With Who: By My Lonely, In Two Parts

Where: At Home

How: Netflix DVD

Why: Curiosity. Cameron Diaz hadn’t done very many movies lately and wondered if there was anything special about this one.


To get the skinny on all things regarding this movie, click here.

I haven’t done the research on this but I’ll bet any amount of money that the makers of this movie, were the same people behind the similarly titled, 2003 flick Bad Santa.

For all intents and purposes the two movies are the same. They both center around one main character who is uses their position among kids for selfish gain.

As I watched Bad Teacher, I kept laughing out loud at how ridiculously out of hand this film got. With recent discoveries of just how crazy things get in real life schools, I couldn’t help but think that none of what happened in the movie would ever fly in real life.

But that defeats the purpose. I’ve always said that no one wants to pay to sit in the theater to see two hours of real life. We have enough of that. It’s called the Eyewitness news and it’s free.

After I left work early due to this nagging untreated illness (drinking tea IS NOT medicine), I decided I wanted to laugh.

The problem is while the structure and theme were similar to Bad Santa, the latter film was much funnier. Billy Bob’s Santa was more of an in character portrait of someone unhappy just trying to get by. Diaz’ Teacher was more of a “let’s just go for shock value” portrait that just wasn’t funny to me.

Anyway, my thoughts:

  • Ok I don’t care if his family owned the planet. I didn’t buy for a second that either teacher would be remotely interested in Justin Timberlake’s character. In fact, he would have been beat up by either teacher in real life.
  • Who was the clear cut villain in this film? One teacher is made to be the enemy, but why would we care if the other teacher comes out on top if we already know her unpure motives?
  • That one scene where the gym teacher is arguing with the kid named Shawn over MJ vs Lebron made the final film. It was exactly the same as it was in the trailer. And it served absolutely no purpose to the film. It was also randomly spliced in between some other dialogue that was pertinent to the film. I have no idea why. It just was. Gracias.
  • About half way through the film, I figured out how it was going to end. This = Predictable
  • Justin Timberlake’s character joined the band as a last minute replacement. Sure didn’t take them long to let him have a solo and a speech at their one live show.

I found the film formulaic and it lacked enough haha moments to keep me entertained. Truthfully I was about ready for it to be over half way through. But if you need something to mock, this one is a good choice.

40 to go…..


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