#9 – Tower Heist

When: Monday, March 5 – Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

With Who: Me who

Where: At home / At work on my Kindle Fire (shameless product advertising)

How: Amazon Digital Rental

Why: Was on my list of 2011 movies I never got to.


For more info on…..ah you already know.

With an all star cast there was a lot of expectation on this film.

This one has everyone from big stars of yesterday to new stars of today to “I can’t believe they’re still acting” of today.

I don’t feel disappointed with the movie. I liked it. I was just surprised.

It was pretty fast paced. Fun. Decent – though over the top – story line and plot.

But the source of my genuine surprise is what this movie was not.


Not to me. I don’t think I laughed out loud but once. “If you want to wear sexy leather clothes and whip your own ass, go work at Bank of America”. LOL

But other than that nothing. A movie with the greatest comedian of the 80’s, albeit waaaay past his prime. Another actor known for comedic roles including the Meet the Parents series (although Little Fockers should not count). And not to mention, of course, Dr Benjamin Franklin Pierce himself.

The laughs were scarce. The hard laughs even less.

Though it wasn’t funny it oddly enough wasn’t boring. Perhaps because you were cheering for the good guys to pull off something bad. I know another movie like that. More on that in my thoughts. Speaking of which…

My thoughts:

  • I was happy to see Gabby Sidibe in a movie that didn’t make you want to blow your brain out. But what was up with the Jamaican Accent? It wasn’t bad. But what was the point?
  • The other movie that made you cheer for the good guys to pull off something bad was Ocean’s Eleven. And to tell you the truth, I’m not sure why they were the good guys. It wasn’t until the second, er, (12th?) that they got betrayed. In the first one they just wanted money. But we liked them for that. Oh yeah and I’m talking about the remake. Never saw the original. Hmm, might be a good pick for this challenge. Maybe.
  • Casey Affleck, who also starred as one of Ocean’s Eleven, will forever in my book be known for two things. One for being the brother of Ben. And two for loving to appear in films as a good guy thief.
  • Matthew Broderick starred in a lot of people’s favorite 80’s comedy Ferris Bueller, and one of my top 5 all time favorite movies ever Glory. The latter was in 1989. Um, has he done a film since? Till now. Maybe because Sarah Jessica isn’t doing Sex and the City anymore they needed some cash. Let’s start a help Matt and Sarah fund.
  • Brett Ratner, the director of this movie, likes to recycle his actors. If you look at any of his movies you are guaranteed to see at least one actor that was in another one of his films. Don Cheadle appeared in Rush Hour 2. Then he showed up in one of my favorite Christmas movies, The Family Man. In The Family Man, Alan, the stress basket employee to  Nicolas Cage’s Jack Campbell was also the same Craps game table employee that Chris Tucker accused of being racist at the casino in Rush Hour 2. And of course, Tea Leoni played Nicolas Cage’s wife in The Family Man also played lead agent in this film. Can’t figure out how she kept getting punked by Dr Benjamin Franklin Pierce. Uh aren’t you the law?
  • Perhaps I didn’t find it funny because of the expectation of the cast AND because Brett Ratner, ya know, did the Rush Hour series and all (although Rush Hour 3 should not count as a movie. hmmm, notice a pattern?)

Overall I had fun with the movie. Don’t expect big laughs. That’s not an order. Just do it to lower your expectation. If you disagree with me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that way.

I’m still looking for my first great movie of 2012 for my challenge. Any suggestions on what I can see that I will love? I’m completely up for recommendations as my challenge doesn’t have a theme. I just watch whatever I get my hands on that I don’t think will bore me to tears.

51 to go….



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