#8 – Unknown

When: Sunday, March 4, 2012

With Who: Loooonely. I’m so loooonely. I have no one…..

Where: At the Casa

How: Netflix DVD

Why: Premise seemed interesting and I like Liam Neeson.


You know the drill if you want more info on this movie.

I give the writer(s) of this movie a lot of credit. It’s an original idea executed with bold precision.

The problem with it being an original idea is that it takes a lot of “yeah right” coincidence moments for the premise to work.

Or so I thought.

This is one of those movies that you have to see to the end. So if you find yourself rolling your eyes because you don’t believe the craziness unfolding, don’t give up on it. When you see the end it all makes sense.

My thoughts:

  • I’m glad to see Liam Neeson getting consistent roles. And I think he gets pretty good roles. He, to me, was the key to the success of Batman Begins much the same way Heath Ledger was to The Dark Knight. Not that their roles were similar but just that they were the shining light in their respective Batman film roles.
  • Besides Liam Neeson I have no idea who the other people are in this movie. But I still liked the movie

I think this one is worth your time if you want to spend a couple hours being entertained. I did want to know what happened.

52 to go…..




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