#7 – Abduction

When: Saturday, March 3, 2012

With Who: Mostly Alone

Where: At The House

How: Redbox

Why: I need to watch whatever I can get my hands on to finish this challenge



You know what you should do if you want more info on this movie.

How sad is it that in March I’ve already watched just four less movies in 2012 than I did in the entire year of 2011? Wait, don’t answer that.

Now to this movie.

You know, I’ve been thinking lately how I must be getting old. People just aren’t as talented as they used to be as a whole.

Part of that is because now it’s all about how you look.

If you look good in a bikini or if you have six pack abs, you can get a recording contract or a movie deal without being talented in those fields.

This brings me to this movie. Honestly much to my surprise I actually liked the movie. It had great potential to be great. But it lost major points because of its biggest weakness.

And that weakness, ladies and gentlemen, is Taylor Lautner. Yes, this generation’s Keanu Reeves.

I’ll give him the best compliment I can give him, which doesn’t mean much coming from a heterosexual male.

He’s a good looking guy.

While that means nothing to me it’s the reason he’s an “actor”. It started with the Twilight series, whose majority fan base can’t be older than my last fart.

I know that there was a Team Jacob or Team Edward, but sadly and honestly enough I have no idea which was Lautner.

But I do know that this movie tried to play to his looks. How do I know? He led Hollywood in useless shirtless moments with this one movie.

Congrats Senor Lautner.

Now my thoughts about the movie itself:

  • I had no idea that John Singleton directed this movie. I don’t know weather to congratulate him or send my condolences.
  • I truly liked the concept of the story. Director Singleton and Actors Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver could only work with what they had. I don’t fault them.
  • To any of my wonderful readers who may be reading this, I have a real life tip. If EVER you’re in a situation where you are in a house and someone kills anyone in your presence, and that person says to you that there is a bomb in the house….YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO LOOK FOR IT! Get out of the house and if he’s bluffing you’ll find out soon enough. Just a tip.
  • Seriously, was he Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  • Why is it that no matter what kind of drama, danger, violence, or life or death situation the characters are in during these types of movies, they always find time to get the charcters to make out? And why does it have to be a guy and a girl on the run? Why not two buddies? You know why? Because they won’t give them a make out scene….yet.
  • Did anyone else laugh out loud at that scene where Taylor attempted to cry? LOL. I’m still laughing at that. He made Keanu Reeves look like Robert DeNiro.

As always, I never tell you if you should or shouldn’t see this movie. It has lots of flaws but it also has lots of good points. It did make several attempts to be original and come up with a different plot, rather than following the formula word for word.

But Lautner is pretty much intolerable. I’m not saying he needed to be Al Pacino, but somewhat believable would have been nice. Then you could have left your shirt on for the whole movie.

53 to go……



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