#4 – Just Wright

WHEN: Wed, Feb 8, 2012

WITH WHO: Riding Solo

WHERE:  At The House

HOW: Netflix DVD

WHY: I forgot to put another movie ahead of it in my Queue before it came


To get more info on the movie, the cast, see videos and more info, click here

I figured right off the bat that even though this film is about a Pro NBA Player, this is not a basketball film.

How did I know? Um, it stars a rapper as an NBA Superstar.

And then another former rapper/turned Jazz singer opposite him.

This film is listed as 100 minutes long.  There were probably around 50 Cliche’s in the movie. One every other minute.

But at the bottom of it I found it had a lot of heart. More heart than I was expecting. And while it truly wasn’t an NBA movie, there were plenty of NBA Superstar cameo’s.

Overall it’s basically a love story, turned comeback film, turned down and out, turned triumphant, turned love story again.

There are worse ways you can spend your 100 minutes. Then again there are better.

At any rate, my thoughts:

  • Wow! Common has a big muscle head!
  • How, exactly, did Robin Thicke end up with Paula Patton
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler Perry was a ghost writer on this movie and the studio who produced it bought it from him. It seemed like they both follow the Romantic Comedy Script word for word
  • Why is it that a film with an all black cast is always a RomCom?
  • It was good to see Phylicia Rashad still getting work. Am I the only one who, when I see her on anything else, always shouts out “Hey, there’s Clair Huxtable”?”

56 to go…..



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