#3 – The Next Three Days

When: Feb 3 – Feb 4 Thanks to distractions

With Who: Just Me

Where: Started at work on Feb 3, Finished at home Feb 4.

How: Netflix Streaming

Why: Heard it was good


For a synopsis of the movie, info on the cast, and clips of the movie, click here.

I’ve never been the biggest Russel Crowe fan. Not sure if I’m just not giving him enough credit or if I’m really not a fan.

He’s kind of like Will Smith to me. I like some of the movies he’s been in but not because of him. Because the movies are just entertaining. Such as A Beautiful Mind.

This one was no different. I was curious. It really had me wanting to know how it would end.

Then it got to the end.

And the credits started rolling.

And I have no idea what happened. I even took the time to rewind the last few minutes and watched it again in case I missed something.

Um, no I didn’t.

So don’t worry about me spoiling the end for you. I can’t spoil something that I don’t get.

My thoughts:

  • Have I mentioned that I didn’t understand how the movie ends? That’s because it commits and absolute movie crime. It doesn’t deliver on the answer to the one question the film is asking. I couldn’t believe it. I’m surprised I didn’t hear more complaints about it. Or maybe they got it and I didn’t.
  • This was a pretty long movie. Especially for one not to answer the main question of it. I felt cheated.
  • What exactly was Olivia Wilde’s purpose in this movie? In case you don’t know her from the tv show House, in this movie she plays the mother of another child who invites the main characters to her son’s bday party. Watch it and tell me if there’s a reason why she’s in the movie.
  • Did I mention I didn’t understand the ending? And that it was a crime that it didn’t complete the story? Well if I didn’t….

The movie itself wasn’t bad. So if you don’t mind spending 135 minutes on a film that leaves you shrugging your shoulders then I would recommend it.

If that frustrates you then my recommendation is to stay away. Or maybe you should watch it anyway and see if maybe I’m just a complete idiot. But judging by the $30 million budget and the $21 million gross, I don’t think I’m alone.

57 to go….


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