#2 – The Adjustment Bureau

When: Jan 29, 2012

With Who: The Mrs

Where: At The House

How: Directv Pay Channel (Don’t remember which one, although I think it was Cinemax).

Why: Any trailer that shows the world as not being what we thought it was will automatically get my attention. (Incidentally The First Matrix and Inception are my all time fave movies).

If you have no idea what this movie is about, you’ll find more than enough info on it by clicking here.

This one was on my list of movies I wanted to see last year, but if you’ve been here before you already know about that I missed it and a lot more.

Anyway it had been so long since I saw the trailer that I really didn’t know what to expect.

But I liked what I saw. I found myself intrigued through the entire film. I won’t say there was any “wow” factors like there were in my two favorite movies. But I do know that while I was watching the film I kept thinking to myself that it was wildly original.

And when you’re bold enough to drop something different I will always give you the benefit of the doubt.

Not to say that I still didn’t have questions. But it did attempt to tackle very complex subjects.

And not complex in that they are hard to understand. It actually wasn’t hard to follow at all (although you do need to pay attention). But it was more complex in that the main idea/though of the movies is hard to dispute, prove, or sometimes even explain.

So here are some of my overall thoughts on The Adjustment Bureau:

  • Matt Damon has one tone in his voice in every film he does. Monotone. Think about every movie you’ve ever seen him in. Isn’t his delivery always exactly the same?
  • Question (perhaps potentially a spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie): Who gave the guys in the bureau those “powers”? How did they do it? See I don’t mind films that with ideas that are extraordinary, but I like you to at least attempt to explain the situation. They did explain the back story but not about the history of the bureau itself. The Adjustment Bureau 2: Back in History? Whoa, good thing I don’t write for Hollywood.
  • Excellent thought provoking dialogue of the Free Will vs Fate when Matt Damon meets the old, old guy (named Thompson).
  • The part of “Bureau Supervisor” Richardson seemed like a part that should have gone to Ed Harris. I don’t know why him…..it just did. He seemed like more of a fit.
  • I’ve never been the “Everything happens for a reason” kind of thinker. But what if it’s true? And what if someone is controlling that reason? Not just a higher being (God) but if there were people we could see down here doing such things? Sound interesting? Then if you haven’t done so you really need to see this movie.
  • Where can I get one of those tracker computers they were using in the film?

Overall I found the film very good, very entertaining, very interesting. It wasn’t perfect. But it tried hard. I like that. I don’t need a movie to change my life. Just keep me interested so I can not feel stupid for attempting to sit through 60 of them this year. Oh speaking of which…..

58 to go!

Btw, I thought it might be a nice touch to add the trailer’s of the movies that I watch in case you don’t know anything about them. So check it out….


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