I Begin My Challenge With The Very Prestigious Film….


When: Jan 20, 2012

With Who: Me Myself and I

Where: At Home

How: Netflix DVD

Why: I Liked The First One


If you don’t know, after a shocking discovery I decided to issue myself a personal challenge to watch more movies.

So on Friday Jan 20, 2012 while taking care of my ill child, I decided to open up that little red envelope that was on the mantle after she went to sleep.

What I’m not interested in doing is giving a synopsis of the movie. You can find that anywhere online including here.

I’ll just tell you my experience and my opinion.

My friend Vanessa, when I told her this was the first new movie of 2012 I would watch,  said it was an ok movie and that it wasn’t as funny as the first. This opinion actually echoed many other people’s opinion of the film from what I had heard.

Unfortunately by nature we tend to let one person’s opinion curtail our experience, even if just a bit.

While it wasn’t going to deter me from watching it, it did contribute to me beginning the film without much expectation.

What followed was 100 minutes of pure fun. Silly fun. Just turn your brain off, sit back and laugh type fun.

I don’t like screwball comedies. Actually I hate them. The Three Stooges? Not funny. Jim Carrey? Uh, no. Anything with Tom Green? I can’t figure out why he was famous.

But I’ve since learned that there is a difference between slap stick and plain ole stupid.

I like stupid. At least if it’s funny.

So after watching The Hangover 2, there were some things I realized.

  • It’s ok to laugh out loud at stupid stuff.
  • That Zach Gaiodhaojhdaojhajho guy is pretty funny in this type of role.
  • I’ve never had drugs but anything that makes you completely forget everything SHOULD NEVER be taken. Who would want to sign up for Alzheimer’s? Even if it is temporary.
  • As a heterosexual male, I saw more uh male private parts in that 100 minutes than I have seen in a lifetime. And trust me that was waaaay too much.
  • That gay chinese gangster is BY FAR my favorite character of the series.

So here’s what it comes down too. If you’re able to watch something that’s just crazy and silly. That would probably never happen in real life but you’re able to laugh at the stupidest stuff. Then kick off your shoes, dim the lights and spend 100 minutes having a blast.

But don’t take drugs. You might forget the movie.

59 to go…..

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2 Responses to I Begin My Challenge With The Very Prestigious Film….

  1. Bubbawheat says:

    I’ve been following a lot of movie challenge blogs since starting my own this year. I find it interesting to compare notes as it were. I also often prefer reading about someone’s personal experience rather than just analyzing the movie. Good luck in your challenge, hope you see some good movies.

    • shadrock2k says:

      Thanks for reading. I will subscribe to yours as well and comparing notes should be fun. Thanks for the good luck wish and I wish you the same. Should be a lot of fun. Hope you love the movies you watch and may you avoid all the stinkers.

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